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  2. Any news on price cut for bikes?
  3. 18 hp @ 78k 14 hp @ 75k 200cc@78k 150cc@75k need i say more?? The 200 is a steal. I would enjoy drooling at the 200 everyday rather than force myself to believe that the fz "absolutely rocks" n such imaginary stuff. I mean,if ure okay with a headlight that looks hastily plastered or the tank that looks just toooo big or the overall look that soothes th people going thru midlife crisis or those who want to feel excessively macho(on a 150... Hehehehehawhawhehehe), then its ur call... First there was hh hunk with those plastic muscles..That was somehow bearable,but this.... Well thats my opinion.Ill vouch for the 200 any day... The work of a pure,practical and uber stylish designer. (someone said that the 200 has "lost its identity" ... Reality check: the 200 is the finest example of gaining a new identity.)
  4. Well i started this thread so that owners of the 200 can help me out but i dnt think any of them have said anything... Anyway thanks for all the suggestions guys...But i have to wait till jan to book m bike...I think its better to wait for the new 200.
  5. PULSAR 200 OWNERS i have 1 more questn: where do u guys get yr bike serviced from?? The salesman said that its a very complex machine and local mechanics may ruin the bike..Is it so?
  6. Dude tell me if u have any news about the new 200..Specially launch date.Are there any major changes in the bike beside the FI? I hope bajaj isnt inspired by hh and disappoints us with cheap stickers...
  7. Rammer

    Please Help Me

    Rx100 is the ultimate bike till today no matter how old it is.Its the only bike alive which uses 2-stroke engine.It can beat RTR in accn... U knw,it was banned in punjab coz local cops couldnt catch the guys riding rx100s...
  8. Ask ur biker frnz..By word of mouth ull get a gud one. All engine oils are good..Castrol is the best.
  9. Rammer

    Please Help Me

    Archit ride an RX100 first n ul see wht im talkin abt.Theres no bike that gives pickup like the RX.
  10. Rammer

    Please Help Me

    In 100cc,best bike is rx100.Nothing beats that bike.But if u just want comfort and FE go for passion plus,if u can deal with the cheap eyesore stickers and all-black theme,which dont suit the bike at all.
  11. Hey zed,firstly find a good roadside mechanic.Trust me they are good. And regarding ur FE: Honda carbs r fine tuned to give u max FE.Just get a good mechanic he'll do the rest for u.Ur air filter might be blocked. FE depends majorly on ur riding style.If u change gears too frequently and stress the engine by making it reach max speed in each gear,u knw where ur hard earned is getting wasted.Ditto if u change gears before reaching desired speed. Try this: when u reach 15 kmh,go to 2nd. At 25,3rd. 35, 4th. Be gentle on the engine. Most importantly use clutch.If u dont,the gear teeth will get worn out soon and ull get bad pickup and ur engine will start sounding funny and in the end ul get huge bills. The clutch has been made for a reason,use it.
  12. Hey sadsack i hope u saw the cbr 150.M sure it will be launched here.So atleast the honda new bike launch wasnt a 'rumour'...All ill say will be 'bullseye!' if at all they launch it in jan..
  13. Well im just hoping that hero honda's next launch isnt some cheap sticker job...
  14. If honda can launch its fav CBR in so many variants,why not hero honda? Think about it.
  15. Pramod ure one of the few guys who has actually said something good about the bike. Ill get it booked in a few days... I think ill stick to black.