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  1. wherer can i buy a 1. car battery jumper able. 2. car tow strap 3. tow strap D rings all thses for my maruti scross car.thanks
  2. Are there options to fit a aftermarket rear seat AC which is missing in this car.i beilieve sanden units are the best
  3. Can someone please sugest good sunshades for my scross.i want magnetic type
  4. what i mean is that i am buying the car at ahmedabad and then moving it to sagar,mp
  5. i have to get the car from ahmedabad to sagar,mp approx 800 km.running in requires frequent speed can that be achieved on a long drive.
  6. also please suggest a RTO approved sunfilm for the main screen
  7. 1. Booked this car. 2.Pleae advice abt foloowing accessories etc;- (a) Tyre brand to replace stock JK tyres size 206-6-16. ( ICE since i am told the car comes with only 4 door speakers.budget abt Rs 9K.simple stuff capable of playing cd/usb required. (c ) Will there be requirement of fitting a wheel cap,internal car mats,mudflap and a door visors or will they come prefitted in this version
  8. Reason for sale is to upgrade to a bigger car
  9. Am the first owner,the only car i am still in running condition.2002 model approx 68000 km on the odo.fuly functional car.seeking upto Rs 1 lakh in price which is negotiable.PB 03 K 1043 registerd in Bhatinda,Punjab presently with me in Sagar,MP pin code 470001.i am on whatsapp 8954169428.
  10. have driven the dziee-loads of torque etc but yet to lay hands on a etios.however poor space and boot in a dzire but better torque-wonder what are the highway handling manners of etios in terms of cruise speed,handling,body roll and overtaking
  11. Hari i have the advantage of buying from the CSD being a fauji.the etios vd will cost me 6.93 lakhs ex showroom.the other car in contest was dzire zdi which has less room
  12. Mono waiting for official reiews of the Baleno from good websites before i decide to go for it.but where i am posted now at sagar,MP there is no NEXA thogh the Maruti chap here tells me they will be able to servce the Baleno
  13. Heavily inclined towards he etios diesel vd or the baleno diesel delta now,the dzire looks small
  14. Plan to replace zdi oem jk tyres immediately after i buy this car which i will soon.any better tyres recommended
  15. Have decided on the maruti dzire zdi.can someone advice me on a few things about this car which are 1. How effective is the AC i the rear of the car(i has no rear AC vents). 2. Which are the better tyres to replace the stock JK tyres in the OEM size
  16. Hari while reading reviews i se that the 90 bhp and the 75 bhp diesel puntos have virtually no performance this true
  17. BTW how was the Punto in the braking deptt.did you posess a diesel punto
  18. Hari will have to dispose off my palio before i buy the new car
  19. my QR for a car is diesel,min GC 170 mm,ABS,airbags and safety
  20. my final choice is now between maruti dzire zdi and fiat punto diesel emotion
  21. Maruti sells inspite of their tin cans .comparing them with my fiat palio tank
  22. Harri i am currently replacing the clutch master and slave cylinder of my 2002 palio 1.2 petrol at sagar(MP) where i am currently posted and its been a pain to find a mistri for the same.have foud somebody who is at it now.had to get parts online.worried abt whether the fiat delaership at dehradun where i hail from will last or not bcoz there was a gap of almost 10 years before the original delaer shut shop and this present chap started.these ae some of my worries for which fiat has no cant risk a fiat now.
  23. Harri FIAT has ASS issues.otherwise their cars are all rounders in a way
  24. any suggestions for beter brakes/brake pads