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  1. I have 2008 i10 1.2 magna running on stock tires, its steering wheel is harder than before from last 15 days, earlier after taking turn it just came back to center position without any touch but now it doesn't. I thought its alignment issue and went for alignment and balancing (all four wheels) yesterday but even after alignment and balancing done issue is there. steering is not light as before, so should i take it back to alignment shop again or check with Hyundai Service Center.
  2. i bought my i10 1.2 magna at 3.92 after discounts, total VFM
  3. ok finally i have received my Magna yesterday. checked it around 3 pm . and delivery at 6:30. deal i have got. ex showroom - 392436 logistics - 5400 remote security - 2600 Discount - free registration - free insurance - 9k cash discount. - 10 lt petrol OTR price - 392436+5400+2600 - 9 = 391436 basic accessories i have received - mats - mud flaps - seat covers (fabric) - ganesh idol - body cover - leather steering cover. thats it i guess. so i have got good deal or salesguy robbed me ? experience was good not much hassle. cant say much driving experience yet as i am still learning. just one thing its better than M800 on which i learn to drive Thank You guys for all help. BTW car MFG date is 8-12-08. checked on car too . it was L after chassis number.
  4. Hi finally i have booked i10 1.2 magna today. will take delivery next week. i am getting following deal - free insurance - free registration - 3k cash discount - blupunkt/nippon/ sony HU + 4 sony speakers or 6k cash discount. - seat covers,mats, body cover etc. will update the thread once i take delivery have few questions though. - should i take HU + speakers or 6k discount - dealer offering autocop or cross (sorry i dont remember name correctly) , which one i should take ? - dealer dont know mfg month, but he is ready to give vin number, does vin number have mfg month? - how i can decode vin number. - does car have mfg month stamped at any place ? Thank guys for all your input.
  5. to update more ... i checked i10 and santro yesterday. my family didnt like santro at all. short of space, VERY BUMPY ride. i10, looks great,very beautiful interiors, ride is mooth (lot better than santro atleast). 3 people can sit comfortably on rear seat. guess i will zeroed on i10 1.2 magna. or i should go for sportz version ? in extra 25k i get - music system with 4 speakers (anyone have idea how is it ?). - rear headrests. - spoiler with HMSL. - defogger - and 2-3 other small features. is it worth it ? Thanks
  6. will check today, currently i10 is on top of my list. i have a friend working in hyundai sales/service. he told me that i10 has cable driven gear box, so if anything goes wrong whole gearbox need to be opened . also new gearbox is not reliable as old one . how true is it ? Thanks
  7. ok back finally sorry for delay. this sunday i am going for test drives and actually see the car, my friend will do the test drive as i cant drive now. also i have included palio mjd in my list. just saw an ad today in local newspaper for free palio checkup. and it list one dedicated fiat service center. seems they are trying improve the service before linea launch. i will go to service center and check service and parts availability thing. i have one question to you experts, sooner or later fiat will stop palio, how it will affect parts availability ? i know parts related to engine will be available coz of vista and swift, what about other things ?
  8. i20, punto and jazz all will be out of my budget i think. ritz may come in my budget but it will be launched in april. dont want to wait for that long there are very good discount going on i10 currently so if i decide on i10 then will buy this month itself. in petrol i don't see any other option.
  9. when i mentioned mjd i meant palio mjd not the engine. sorry for confusion. how about accent executive ? few days back i read someone got it around 5.1 lakh on road with all discount and all. Thanks
  10. mjd earlier was in my list but removed it because of issue with parts availability and high cost of ownership. and once mjd discontinued i think parts availability will be big issue with palio. otherwise i know its build to last long and comes in my budget. seems i10 is best option for peace of mind
  11. speed>> swift doesn't offer comfort and space i am looking for. harry Diesel will prove to be too expensive for your usage >>can you please explain a bit your this point, i read that nowdays diesel cars are comparable to petrol cars in maintenance cost. (10-15% high). tappet. >>1.1 is underpowered for highway use. and i think once i20 launched getz will be discontinued sooner or later. so parts may not be available after 5-6 years. otherwise getz 1.3 is perfect car for me i think. do you people think i20 1.2 will come in 5 laks OTR i seriously doubt that.
  12. hmm i read somewhere new diesel engines are good and can run for upto 200k kms specially fiat mjd engine. also yes car wont be used much daily routines but as its our first we all very excited to take it on long drives and visit places around upto 2000 km round trip. and for such long tips i10 may not be comfortable that the only reason i am thinking for any other options otherwise i know i10 suits best. Thanks
  13. Hi Experts, i am looking to buy a car in next 1-2 months. let me tell you more about my need/usage. - i have never been behind stering wheel till now.( my driving lessons tart from wednesday). - i work as freelancer from home itself so car will not be used daily. - i am really not sure about monthly running it will be first car in our family so we all are very excited and want to drive a lot. - if you remove highway running dont think it will run more than 100-150 kms in city itself. - overall i am not expecting more than 10K km running pa. - i want to keep it for 8-10 years ( if possible) means i will not sell it unless it start giving me too much trouble. - it will be family car and i really want to take it highways and long runs. so space and comfort is very important. - i don't care whats the top speed of car or how many seconds it takes to reach 100, just it should be comfortable to drive with 5 people and ac on highway. - maintenance shouldn't burn my pocket too much. - i am the only one who will drive the car. - budget - vista aqua QJ is my limit, nothing more than it. i will buy in cash so even if i save 10k thats great. i have shortlisted 3 cars. i10 magna 1.2 + good city/highway car + peace of mind for 7-8 yrs, only regular servicing is needed. + good A.S.S. + great discount and offers. + will cost me 4.5 lakhs with all bells and whistles. + isaves around 1 lakh comapre to vista QJ - space and comfort maybe a issue on long drives. vista Aqua tdi + space and comfort + disel economy + old engine but good enough to do the job + easy on maintenance + cheap - TATA A.S.S - niggling issues (specially after 3-4 years of running). - not sure if it will be good for such long term but on another thought i think its good enough for 70-80k kms. means for my kind of running it will work ok for alteast 7-8 yrs. vista Aqua QJ + all knows the positives. if i decide on i10 then guess will buy in december or jan first week (because of offers) and if i decide on vista then i will buy it around march. i am very much inclined towards vista tdi or QJ, it gives me space and comfort plus disel economy (to drive carefree). this forum has really bad reputation for tata cars in genral but i see so many indicas running (not cabs , private vehicles) so it really leave me confuse. and now more i read more i get confused.so really need your help . Thanks