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  1. i10 is the best among these. Small car which is easily maneuverable and ample power for a swift and smooth ride. Good quality build.
  2. If you are going to stick to that budget then another good option for you is Mahindra Renault Logan. It is the most spacious Sedan. It has the best mileage (It can give upto 17 kmpl if properly maintained) and its is a Mahindra Renault car so it has in-bulit feature of durability. Consider it
  3. If you thinking of buying something new and different you can go for the soon to be launched Special Edition Logan Edge Connect. Mahindra-Renault is making just 150 of these Special Edition LOgan's . I got hold of a preview shot .. you can check it out at
  4. shall keep that in mind next time vibhor.
  5. Does anyone have any information (Features, accessories, pricing, looks, Pics etc.) about the Special Edition Logan Edge. I came to know that Mahindra-Renault is bringing out the Special Edition Logan Edge.
  6. Mahindra-Renault is running the "Jan Offer" on Logan. The Fully Loaded Logan is priced at Rs 4.49 Lakhs (Ex showroom Delhi) .... The full details are available on ....
  7. So after all the hype and hoopla i'd say Xylo's a great vehicle .... its an expensive looking vehicle priced much lesser than its competitors.... As for the power, we know now that it is ample (Thanks Vibhor for all the information). Happy for Mahindra, Indian manufacturer brining out a vehicle of Xylo's class.
  8. < ="Content-" content="text/; charset=utf-8">< name="ProgId" content="Word.">< name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">< name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><> This article is an initiative by Mahindra-Renault to help drivers inculcate better driving habits that will further enhance their car
  9. I love bikes with the front visors. makes them more aerodynamic. This ones also Kewl!!!!
  10. This is definitely the best time to buy a car with discounts galore. The only problem is like the auto industry all other industries have taken a hit and cash flow is everybody's concern. Most of the people are not ready to shelve out money
  11. I heard about the Xylo launch being postponed to January and I believe that Mahindra and Fiat are doing it considering peoples' sentiments. I don't think they are doing it because of the recession as the Vehicle is all set to go & there is not much cost involved now and I don't feel that Mahindra doesn't have enough money to carry off a day's launch. Please gimme a break!
  12. @manishk - Dude why you gettin so emotional about Toyota. Are you afraid that Xylo will take on. As far as Mahindras are concerned, even their International tractors look awesome. I could turn it into a mini monster truck. To me Innova looks like a mini van whereas Xylo will definitely look more masculine as its frm Scorpio. & just for the heck of it - chicks dig on Scorpio!!!!!!! :-)
  13. There have been some qualms about Xylo's looks. But we haven't seen the real thing yet. I think the questions about its looks are arising becuase Xylo doesn't have the smooth body like Innova. It is a Multi purpose Vehcile so it will look tough and bullish. I would say it'll be a strong looking vehicle.
  14. Scorpio is the Best - Xylo's Next Mahindra SCORPIO is the perfect vehicle for Indian conditions. You can own the roads when have a Scorpio on your hands. I have the same expectations with Xylo. Mahindra makes vehicles which deliver full value for what its worth and at 650,000 INR, I believe the Xylo will be a real steal. I have recently seen the sneak peek shots of the vehicle on