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  1. Thanx Vivek. Tomorrow I am giving the vehicle for the underbody sound on the request from SS. I will give your suggessions and see their response
  2. Mine is a Petrol version (Vxi). This is NOT hissing, it's clearly metal noise. Also hissing will not resonate. Service Centre says this noise is there on all Dzire & Swift, hence the query!! After the repairs with the engine, though the sound has reduced, engine became rough.
  3. I have a Maruti Dzire bought on 16 July. The car has done about 3,500kms. Can any body give me some idea / causes/ remedies for the following; 1) Heavy Engine Noise - Engine makes noise at 1000-1200 rpm. When accelerator is released, rpm reduces to 1200 and remains there for some time and reaches idling rpm(800). The noise is very prominent when the engine is hot .Timing belt adjusted, belt & tensioner replaced, throttle assly cleaned and finally entire assly of timing belt/tensioner/ etc etc replaced from a new car which was not having such noise. The final replacement definitely improved the situation, but the noise is still heard and engine is bit rough all thro the rpm level. Now Maruti claims that the noise level is normal!! Has anybody experienced such an issue with Dzire/Swift? 2) Underbody noise - When the car is driven near a wall with open windows, very prominent noise like it is from GHUNGROO. The noise will be heard only when the road has minor uneven surface. Maruti Service Station said this is the noise from suspension and according to them it is very common on all Marutis. Anybody experienced it? Why only Maruti cars have such special&noisy shocks or springs? Thanks in advance
  4. If it is such a long wait, better to look for some thing better. VDi boasts of a good engine, otherwise the car is below average. I have a Dzire VXi purchased on 16 July and am repenting about the decision. The doors started rattling from the beginning itself, then heavy seat noise, very bad engine noise, underbody noise, dash board etc etc. Irritating noise comes from all sides!!!! I had to take the car to service station 15 times and still some issues are not resolved and finally Maruti started claiming that the noises & rattles are normal. They have even replaced parts from a brand new car and fitted in my car to solve engine noise. Very disappointed with the car. I will never ever buy a Maruti again. Better to go for IKON 1.4 Diesel which is a much better option and the price is almost the same.