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  1. The primer that you are using seems to be too diluted. It will not last long.
  2. I'm just worried about additional damage (outside of the alternator). AFAIK - your idle RPM should be higher as the ECU should sense that the electrical load exceeds the output of the alternator.
  3. Was your idle RPM increasing when under full electrical load (lights, fogs, defroster, blower, stereo) ?
  4. And also then tell the entire forun the pathetic Fuel Efficiency you get after following the above advice. Are you guys kidding! Since when did 2000 rpm become high revs/ cause for low FE! 2000-2500 rpm is a bare minimum to extract any performance from a petrol engine. Or do you drive around at idle ?
  5. There is no such thing as a pre owned diesel car that was used for just 25K km in 5 years. Look carefully and you'll probably see that its done atleast 80K km (that's when the Accent CRDI becomes a ticking time bomb).
  6. CV joints that are going bad will not cause jerks. IMO the problem is either a mount for the AT or the AT internals.
  7. Its not a 5 seater. This almost looks like a facelift of the existing reva. Have seen this car a couple of times on Hosur road in peak traffic (three months ago). Never go a chance to take a picture.
  8. @sgiitk - Changing the engine mounts could be tried (should be easy on the pocket). What is the recommended AT fluid change interval - you haven't mentioned when it was changed last. I'm not familiar with the santro - does it have a separate mount for the gearbox?
  9. Strange problem. Its probably not the CV joints or tyres though. And the A.S.S is probably no good at diagnosing AT issues. When was the last AT Fluid change ?dtandon2010-06-19 17:26:09
  10. To the thread starter - you are not going to find a reliable diesel car in that budget. I would suggest a Maruti with LPG/CNG as a better option.
  11. Punto has a large turning radius and bad plastic quality. Rahul has already mentioned that. Don't be lazy - test drive all the the cars. You make like the punto after all.
  12. @sgiitk - off topic - but does amuasi still have all the tempo's queuing up for CNG and blocking the road ?
  13. Did you check wheel balancing for the front tires? A lot of far flung theories here but this is the most basic thing that needs to be checked if the steering is vibrating.
  14. @BF - Not with that 1.0 engine under the hood. Will just be another very underpowered hatch. The interiors aren't as spacious as they look. dtandon2010-06-11 18:25:52
  15. @DD - Sorry. Typo in my last post. Your's is based on the 2.5" laptop drives. You should be able to check about the warranty here - http://support.seagate.com/customer/warranty_validation.jsp?form=0 Select the country as India and let us know what results you get - would be cool if you have International warranty.
  16. Beautiful and tempting - No way! This looks horrible - I have seen it in the flesh. And the "Flex" engine is nothing but a dual fuel engine that can run on alcohol or on petrol. Suitable for Brazil (where alcohol is used as alternative fuel) but not for our country. The engine is very underpowered and driving an 800 is more fun.
  17. Is it a 5" drive or the smaller one ? Looks expensive. Do you get warranty for it in India ?
  18. +1 to that. Remember that things that claim to "Clean" are usually abrasive and/or corrosive in nature. Examples - car polish/scratch remover, these additives, Tooth whitening dental treatments, etc. etc. These should only be used in special situations and not for everyday use.
  19. Check this out. Women in the drivers seat Social responsibility + good business sense = Good move.
  20. Hadn't come across this thread until now. Congratulations on the new buy. Drive safe.