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  1. Boss, whats your profession. Are you idle at home. Or just can come anytime or what?I don't find even 15 mins in day.
  2. In the last one month I used the R15 more than my friend who bought a bike. The bike almost complete 4000 kms with in 35 day
  3. Ya I agree R15 is a legend. One of my friend bought R15 month back really cool I never ever ride a bike like R15. After ride with R15 my RTR Fi is like a kid. When ever I hit the top speed in my RTR Fi (132kmph in speedometer) I felt I am riding too fast. But in R15 the 6th gear is awesome after touched 123kmph I just put a 6th gear I felt like a 90kmph but the speedometer shows 138kmph the aerodynamics is playing the bike handling is cool. Pls never ever compare this 2 bike.
  4. Post Deleted. Note From Admin: What's so hard in following the forum protocol? Abusive language in any form isn't taken lightly. FuelRunGod2009-03-12 18:21:42