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  1. Thank you very much for INputs.. Hope others follow soon..Under 24Hrs left to buy
  2. Hey guys would really appreciate if you take look at my problem. I need to buy before Saturday.
  3. Well its just 3months I'm here. I'm buying these speakers for my Bro in India for his Hyundai Accent. Having difficulty locating stores in Dubai Selling Car speakers of multiple top brands
  4. Is this logical ? HCX 690 > Kenwood HQ718 > ECX 690 > DCX 690 ??
  5. Hey guys I finally found some dealers selling Hertz in UAE. The models they have is DCX690,ECX690,HCX690. The HCX is out of my budget I guess.Which is the better choice between HQ718 & ECX690/DCX690. Also Planned to buy Kenwood M846 Amp. Budget is 6-7K For Speakers. 5K For Amp. Please let me know ASAP.Buying this Saturday in Dubai. Thank you :)_