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  1. Just came across this article about modified Pulsar that may be launced in Indonesia...Why cant it be launched in India instead.
  2. hi, You have a great blog. But i need your help. I wanna complain about the callous attitude of Yamaha India and their agent Cheerans(Trichur). My name is Nitin. I am from kerala. I purchased an maroon Yamaha R15 in March last year. On April 13th this year i fell from my bike and it skidded on the road damaging the front. It has been in the showroom ever since. They promised me that i will get my back in 14 days. It has been 32 days still no sign of the bike. They keep making excuses. The insurance agent complained that they are delaying the inspection. they keep saying they dont have parts. Initially they claimed that they don't have the HEADLIGHT STAY. IT is not available anywhere in Kerala. I reported this to the head-office still no answer from them. Last week they told me that they got the stay and i shall get the bike in a days time. Today they told it will take more time as they don't have another part. I am leaving India on June 1st week. I told them that they said don't worry. What is this I paid over a lakh for the bike and this is what i get. Please advice me what to do. I want to go to consumer court against the company. So that nobody faces such a problem again. MY number is 9846554030. Please advice me what to do
  3. GS150R is a better choice as it is only 1000 rs more than unciron with more power and equal features. Why dont you test drive the Pulsar 135 ls. It is as fast as most 150 cc. It seems to have more features and also has better handling and FE than other bike in its segment
  5. i just went to the showroom today.....the bike is there in tcr showroom... it is 3,000 rupees less than faired version... hv a few photos
  6. guys here is the link that has the picture of the new pulsar
  7. This site says that a diesel Grand Vitara in UK. Is there any chance that they will launch it here.
  8. I came across a site called They are selling abs for bikes for a resonable Rs.1250. I know the benefits of it. I am confused whether it can be fit in my R15. I mailed those people my query but they havent responded. can anybody pls help me. And also if it is so cheap y cant all bikes fit it.
  9. The aviator was launchd a yr ago in the international mrket as a replacement for the Activa. It has a 110 cc engine abroad. I shal post the link if i find it.
  10. Nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. And passion is something Sumit Singh has aplenty! While most of us shrug at the idea of taking two-wheels out for a spin, or to commute if we are tired, or down with a backache, here is a person, who is setting a living example of determination, grit and positive attitude towards life, and yes, biking as well! Sumit Singh, twenty years of age, is a typical youngster. He likes watching the latest flicks, hanging out with friends and yes, likes riding his Pulsar 220 too. But, unlike his riding buddies, Sumit is physically handicapped, having lost his right leg in an accident a few years ago. While standing outside his school one day, Sumit fell victim to the notorious Blueline buses that have turned into death on wheels in the capital of India, New Delhi. His right leg had to be amputated and since then, life has not been the same for him. It took months for Sumit to get normal, coming to terms with the reality. But his parents were a constant pillar of strength for him, encouraging him to look up to life with a positive and challenging attitude. Sumit badly needed a way out to ease the mental pain of having a physical handicap and his mother supported him with the idea of having to ride a motorcycle. Though his father was a bit apprehensive, Sumit never looked back ever since and achieved his aim of riding on two-wheels. His parents gifted him a Bajaj Pulsar 220, which was immediately modified to accommodate the brake lever on the left side, next to the gear shifter. This was done at Salim
  14. Even yamaha cant be called premium.... Only Premium bike maker in India is Ducati... Next will be KTM n Kawasakhi...
  18. they seem to be pleased by the car..
  20. some cars of kia....
  21. yes, kia is the subsidary of hyundai...they share same platform for vechiles...
  22. In Europe, Kia is taking over the value for money segment from the Hyundai while Hyundai is moving more upstream. Hyundai vechiles are the most VFM in US while in India they tend to overprice their vechiles compared to the US. I think they should bring their European Kia subsidary as well and challenge Maruti.
  23. There are only few cars that can seat a family of 5 comfortably in the price range you quoted. Fiat Palio, Tata indica and Tata vista. I think the best option for you is to go for a petrol car as you dont have to long distance. None of the other cars in the segment are good for 5 people that includes the hyundai Santro or i10, Maruti small cars. May be you can consider the Getz or Chevrolet Uva also
  24. Hi guys, this is my first post. I love this forum for the details you people share. Back to my post. I saw this site address only saying about a Nissan MPV. Do you guys think they should launch it in India. Front resembles a European Nissan Note.. I think they should