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  1. Hi All, I recently acquired Swift VDI. During night drives I noted that the Headlights are not bright enough. What can be done for this? Some of my friends told me to look for HID/Xenon lamps. My question is whether this is possible? If yes, what would be the cost of the same? Thanks and Regards, Unni
  2. Hi, I would like some advise on waxing my new Swift White car. Recently I got a bottle of "DuPont Teflon Ultra Premium Liquid Spray Wax" from US. I'm yet to apply this on my car. Before proceeding, I'd like to know if this is good product or not. Will it have any adverse affect on car paint? As per the instruction its very easy to apply and can be applied by hand. Please advise. Thanks and Regards, Unni
  3. Hi, I've booked for Swift VDI+ABS. Now there are news of Swift Sedan (VDI/ZDI) is going to come in another couple of days. So now the questions are 1. What will be the price difference? If its just 40/50K then I'd like to go for it (naturally more boot). 2. Will be it be still drivable as existing Swift? 3. When is it going to be officially launched? Thanks & Regards, Unni
  4. Any idea what would be the cost of "Central Arm Rest"?
  5. Logan is a good bet apart from the upcoming Swift Sedan
  6. I was planning for one (to upgrade to 185/70 R14) but was told that the mileage will come down and I don't want that. and for pedals its just a fancy item.
  7. Thanks a lot everybody. Can you please suggest what the basic things needed for the car? I've booked for Swift VDI+ABS and doing my study what all things are needed. These are the following things thats planned. 1. Under body Coating 2. Music System 3. Mud Flaps, carpet etc - may be full PVC carpet too 4. Seat Covers 5. Glass Film 6. Reverse Parking Sensors 7. Central Arm Rest 8. Rear Parcel Tray 9 Side/Bumper Beedings 10. Key less entry (probable) Any thing else? Unni
  8. Thanks. I don't know what the dealer uses for anti rust coating. But i do feel that this is needed as I'm from trivandrum where you get rain for more than 4 months and roads becomes rivers. I'll have to search for this brand in Trivandrum and the shop which does this.
  9. Thanks a lot mndvishnu . Reverse Parking Sensor is in my list but Key less entry still doubtful mainly due the trouble currently facing in M800 (broken down 3 times already - no money till now as its under warranty ) and the price quoted by the dealer 6k.
  10. This idea is more sensible. I've booked for VDI+ABS and was looking for what all to change/fix to make driving enjoyable. Now I've boiled down to nothing but Under body coating/extra horn/stereo/seat covers/Parcel Tray and Central arm rest. I hope this would do. Unni
  11. I called up the local dealer who informed me that this change (fixing of Electric ORVM will cost about 8k. Unni
  12. Hi, I'd like to know if there is any possibility to change the internally adjustable Rear View mirrors of Swift VDI to electrically adjustable RVM. Say from Baleno or SX4. Unni