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  1. Hi, Have anyone tried able to read OBD Signals from Manza using the bluetooth ? Im trying to access the OCD signal thru bluetooth to a software fun2drive in mobile. please let me know ur ideas thanks stephen
  2. looks ok to some extent !!! hope HONDA tweaks it a bit and make it better
  3. my budget is actually limited to under 9L. May be i can spend a bit more. We will be going for long drives in a group of 5 members, So in the case of Ertiga we hav planned to use the 3rd row seats for storage. Maruti is certified for its A.S.S but im not sure about Hyundai, Ford much. I guess they are better than Tata. Basically Im looking for a sedan, but just for the usage of storage i have decided to go in for ertiga. pls let me know ur valuable suggestions
  4. Hi Guys, Currently I own a Manza. Its a 2010 Model Aura ABS. Im planning to sell it off due to the cotinuous niggles that i face often. One of the probs is the ABS. This issue was not even sorted for a year despite complaining to the top level in TML. So instead of singing the song daily, its better to signoff Manza and buy a new. Based on lots of reviews in sites, I have short listed these following cars. Ford Classic Titanium Diesel Maruti Ertiga VDI Maruti SX4 VDI Hyundai Verna 1.4 CRDI The usage per month is min of 1500 kms. We used to go for long drive (1500 kms 2 way) once in 5 months. since i had a bad time with the A.S.S in Tata, the new one should be ok with this. Im much more inclined to FOr Classic since it meets my budget and i should increase more for the rest. Pls suggest me
  5. oh great.. even som of my friends in trivandrum say that they have spotted Nissan MPV too..
  6. we spotted this vehicle today in trivandrum. it was parked near a fuel pump. i hope its xylo mini... msjawahar2012-04-11 18:35:09
  7. The car looks neat and descent
  8. anyways... hatchback market is getting heated up every day !!!
  9. I had a privilege to test drive a TATA Aria. Its a top end variant. It is Pride. The first thing which I noticed in this vehicle by appearance is, the design is inspired from many vehicles. Front looks