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  1. Any Comments regarding the sale of Optra.
  2. If your able to strech your budget & willing to settle with a diesel engine then go for the Magnum Diesel its the best . Test drive the Optra magnum Diesel(120Bhp) you will definitley come to a conclusion in ur selection
  3. How about the sales of Optra Magnum Diesel are they selling in good numbers
  4. Skoda Fabia 1.9Tdi any details
  5. Both Fiesta and Linea is no way a match to Chevys Optra Magnum Diesel if you are need of powerful engine perfomance go for Optra Magnum 2000cc monster
  6. If your going to look for a diesel vehicle no secondary thoughts go for the Magnum Diesel (LT) its the best with all features
  7. praveen

    diesel saloon

    Well Mr.Amit on your Budget of 10L the best option is Optra Magnum Diesel LS just have a test drive you will never change your decision moreover as all the four wheels are disc brakes u need not worry the absence of ABS so go ahead with Magnum, Fiats Linea will never match Chevys Magnum especially in power
  8. Well Mr.Piyush why dont u go for the Chevys Optra Magnum LT (diesel ) its really good VFM car
  9. Well Mr.Puneet if you havent yet decided ur car pls go on with the optra magnum diesel LS or LT its really a monster ,nice sporty look i own a Magnum diesel LS variant its really a bullet firing from a gun when ur in highways so dont hesitate go on with the Optra Diesel .