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    CYRUS I had 1975 Fiat spyder. After an accident in it within 3 months of purchase, the fellow who ran into my car ended up paying enough through his insurance company (after I filed a case against him and his insurance company in a court in US), I purchased a 1976 spyder. It was a 2 seater essentially with a back seat big enough to seat your cat and dog. I could stretch my hands back and get the convertible top up. The speed limit was 70 mph (116 kmph)in the Tennessee State that I was living in. I went no further than 150 kmph on American highways. It was lot of fun. I used to ride without the top even in light rain (rain would fall off) and winter(ofcourse, had the hot air coming in from the bottom). One factor that influenced me in buying that as well as the Benz later on was that they were popular among the American young and restless. I will, after going through the boxes that I shipped in from US, will post pictures of that fiat spyder and the benz, and other cars that I owned. Have a nice day TSR
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    Brief Introduction: I joined this forum a few months ago. I am an NRI and I am back living in my village in AP after taking early voluntary retirement from my work as an environmental manager in USA. I am doing some teachhing at a local college, spending some time working with children in the village and in helpful activities to the needy people. I like travelling in comfort and there is still a substantial portion of India I have not discovered. I enjoyed owning several American cars, fiat spider, and a 1982 Benz. I have been back since 2005. I switched from Santro to a 2009 Chevrolet Tavera recently and it has been good for long trips to Karnataka recently. I was surprised by the weather and beauty of coffee plantations. I do enjoy posts on this board TSR
  3. sgitk: I have searched all the 25 pages that are available. I think that it is very sad that you are too eager in your recommendation to close this thread. I sincerely trust that you do not repeat yourself on this forum in your posts. If some one wants to respond let him choose to do so. If you are not interested, you need not respond. Let the post die on it's own if no one is interested . It sure wold be nice to be kind and courteous. This post is not meant to be offensive. TSR
  4. Greetings A friend of mine seeking my advice as to which car to buy for about 4 lakhs. Functionality and reliability is the most important consideration. To serve for a long time with less maintenance is the most important consideration. The space in Santro or Wagon R or indica is satisfactory. I donot know if I missed other models. I took him around and showed him the above listed 3 cars yesterday. Petol/LPG or Diesel car is desirable. There is a fear of taking risk on new engine designs. It is good to have an engine that has been around for a few years. I read a lot of old posts on this board last night. My friend will be driving about 1000 Kms per month. So, for about 4 lakhs, what is your recommendation. Thanks TSR
  5. Greetings I read it in the Hindu 4 months ago, read it on GM website last week and heard it on NDTV yesterday that the GM India will be adding 250 dealerships and service centers by the end of 2009. That is only about 6 months. I believe that the GM India will do well here and GM China also should well as long as they make cars that people prefer. TSR
  6. Hi 325i: Greetings In electronic climate control - the compressor turns off when the desired temperature is attained and so, physical comfort and also, some savings in fuel consumption. When you use the manual knob to mix hot and cold air, is not the compressor still on?. For all guys on this board: I purchased a chevrolet Tavera 2 months ago. The AC is great right now during the day time, but from 6PM, it is cold even when I set the fan setting on 1. I am having to mix the hot air with the manual knob. Is that not a waste of compressor use?. Can an climate control be installed now? I am all ears to hear some solutions. Thanks TSR
  7. Greetings Need some advice I bought a new Tavera 2 months ago. I am thinking about having a Spoiler installede. The dealer told me that if I wanted a Chevrolet spoiler, he has to drill some holes to install. If he installed one from Kumar associates called "classique" brand, he could do with a clamp. Any suggestions on which route to go. By the way, I am satisfied with the top-end Tavera so far. The mileage is about 10 km in town and about 14 on the highway. They said that the mileage will improve to 13 in town and 18 on high way by the 3rd oil change. We will see. After sitting on leather seats in my Benz in US for about 20 years, it is good to sit on the leather seats with good lower back support in Tavera. TSR
  8. SORRY! It is for LPG kit TSR Hi' date=' TSR Are you sure you are getting CNG kit for Rs. 18500. Here in Ahmedabad CNG kit cost Rs. 37500. and LPG kit cost At Rs. 18000. Where do you get this much cheap and which brand? Pl provide me the information. Thanks in advance. [/quote']
  9. I will check and clarify. TSR Hi' date=' TSR Are you sure you are getting CNG kit for Rs. 18500. Here in Ahmedabad CNG kit cost Rs. 37500. and LPG kit cost At Rs. 18000. Where do you get this much cheap and which brand? Pl provide me the information. Thanks in advance. [/quote']
  10. I am getting a CNG kit in my 2001 Santro for 18500 rupees and this includes getting the RTO certification. It will be in the shape of a tire and will take up the space of my spare tire (for 28 litres of usable gas capacity) and the rest of the space would be available in the boot area. TSR
  11. Hi I got 3M under body coating and cavity protection done with a 5 year warranty for about 6 thousand rupees by the GM Chevrolet dealer. I do live about 7 km from the ocean and drive for about 3 to 4 months on roads with pot holes full of water. After spending about 11 lakhs for the Tavera, I didnot think that this is much for that peace of mind. I had lot of tinkering done recently on my 2001 Santro. I wish the original owner got the underbody coating and cavity protection when it was new for about 1000 bucks then. I have a 2 year - 50000 km waranty on Tavera, but I purchased an additonal 2 year warranty for about 11500 rupees. I may not need it- but, after spending 11 lakhs for this MUV, it didnot seem expensive. Any way, one needs to do cost benefit analysis to decide as to what is the right thing to do. Some times the benefit may be just peace of mind. TSR
  12. I was charged about 300 rupees per suuare feet and it came to be about 9800 for my Tavera which has about 33 square feet of glass on the sides and in the rear. If you know the area of your glass on the sides and rear, please multiply it with 300 rupees per square feet and that price is what would a dealer charge. You can get it done a little cheaper at an accessories shop. TSR
  13. How much area of glass are you having the suncontrol film installed? I am guessing that you are installing film on the side windows and the rear glass. The price depends on the area to be covered and the type of film. TSR
  14. Vas 007 1. Suncontrol film I purchased a new Tavera last week. After a good check on the internet, I had installed 3M Crystalline film (CR 50visibility for the sides and CR70 visibility for the rear- in compliance with the rules). Crystalline film is their tops and it should run about 280 Rs per squarefoot, and why not get it done at your dealer. 3M's head office is in Bangalore. Authentic 3M film will carry faintly visible 3M name on it. Since it is expensive, they will not keep the crystalline film in stock, but will order and get it overnight for you. I had it installed and there were no problems. 2. Antirust under body coating and cavity protection My 2001 Santro ( which I bought in 2005) has lot of rust and I am gettting some tinkering done on it. I really wish the original owner had the rust protection on it and I would not have all this nonsense. I live about 10 km from the sea and we drive in pothole riddent roads , mud and water for about 3to 4 months in a year. I paid about 6000 rs for a 5 year warranty and got it done at the dealer for my Tavera. I will get it done again after 5 years. When I paid good money for the new vehicle, spending for an excellent sun control film and rust protection is not that expensive. I live in a hot and humid area and If I was in Bangalore, I would not have had any sun contol film as my glasses came tinted by GM for the topend model of Tavera. Since my glasses were tinted and I had the 3M CR-50 and CR-70 films put on, I may not be in compliance with the law. GM didnot return my e-mail asking for info on the visibility of their tinted glasses. Have fun TSR
  15. Vibhor Thanks for your advice. I used 6 - 2inch steel poles (standing erect) and a lattice of 1.5 inch pipes on the top with bolts and nuts. As you recommended, I found taurpalin to be the strongest fabric in the market. I checked the internet for the dimensions of the car parking area and came up with 9 feet to 9 feet 4 inches for height and about 18 feet for depth being used internationally. I didnot worrry to check on width as my width (out of practical necessity) is about 13 feet. Even though my dimensions are 13 wide and 18 deep, I purchased the top grade taurpalin sheet that is 18 feet X 24 feet. We need about 1.5 to 2 feet of overhang to look nice. This sheet has riveted holes at the corners and those were used to tie up to the poles. The local guy who makes and sells grills recommended only 7.5 feet tall shed as my Tavera is only about 6 feet in height. That would have been terrible thing to do. 9 foot structure looks beautiful and it is very practical to even wash the vehicle easily inside it and as this shed is infront of the house, 9 foot tall shed does not block the view from the veranda. This shed is built in the shade of 4 Singapore Cherry trees whose lower branaches were trimmed to build this car parking area.. In summary, 9 feet 4 inches tall and 18 feet of depth could house any kind of vehicle and looks very spacious for all practical purposes. The whole thing cost me about 10 thousand and I am satisfied.I went into some detail about it hoping that it might be of some help to someone. TSR
  16. guptad I purchased a Tavera from the GM dealer in Vijayawada and they have a couple of sparks in their show room ready for immediate delivery. I am surprised that you could not get one since January. May be they have allocations to dealers through out India. I ordered the topend Tavera and I had to wait for a month for delivery. TSR
  17. Folks NEED YOUR INPUT ON ONE MORE ITEM When GM gives this discount of 28000, do they have to add on to the discount (or they can decrease it in the show room price) the VAT tax or some other taxes that would not be paid because the base price is lower now than before. Thanks for your helpful comments
  18. Thaks Guys I feel little better about asking for that additional discount firmly. TSR
  19. Greetings to guys on this board: Need little advice. I placed an order for Chevrolet Tavera on 9th of Feb. It was invoiced at the manufactuirng plant on February 26th or 27th. While placing the order, I was told by the dealer that the GM discount for the Tavera was 20K. The dealer is getting the vehicle on Monday (March 8th) and I plan to pick it up on Wednesday (March 10th). GM anounced, on March 5th, a discount of 28 K for Tavera exclusively for the month of March. Coming to the point, What should I expect to get as far as the discount is concerned? If I ask the dealer, he would say that it is only 20K as stated at the time of ordering. I am thinking that it might be better to ask the GM main office to reconsider and offer me the March discount as my delivery of the vehicle is after their anouncement. I do not want to demand and make a scene. I am sure that some of you went through some of this. Thanks TSRile
  20. I am building a temporary (for about 6 to 9 months) structure to park a new Tavera. I plant to build a permanent one after 9 months. I will have a metal structure built. I want to cover it with a cover of some material and tie it to the metal structure. The structure will have 4 poles and top bars connecting the 4 poles. I do not plan to have either galvanized iron sheets or plastic corrugated sheets or fibre sheets for now. The structure is about 13 wide feet X 18 long feet. I had to make it 13 wide so that I donot have to break the marble chip floor below. The front would be 9 feet tall and the back would be 10 feet tall so as to provide a foot of slope over 18 feet. Also, my permananent structure after a year would be for 2 vehicles, and at that time I may make it 20 feet wide.. Any way, I want to cover the top with some material that can withstand wind and the bird droppings from the trees above. TSR
  21. I had Garware film installed on my santro in 2005 and it is in excellent shape till today. As I am about pick up a 2009 Chevrolet Neo2 Tavera next week, I spent a few hours reading the internet posts on sun control films. They all seem to recommend 3M, Llumar and V-cool films. V-cool seems to be too expensive. Llumar has very few dealers. 3M seems to be available all over. So, I decided to get 3M film (Crystalline film with a 5 year warranty). I am getting CR50 (50% visibility and 56% heat rejection) for the sides and CR70 (70% visibility and 50% heat rejection) for the rear, and none for the front wind shield for now. The Tavera SS-D1 already comes with light tinted glasses all around. The price is not confirmed as yet. Looks like the unofficial mrp seems to be about 380 rupees per square foot. I have about 33 square feet of glass in Tavera. I was also told that some of the dealers will charge more for expensive cars. For example, an Audi will get charged more than a 4 to 7 lakh car. So, it is what ever your customer can bear. TSR
  22. Hi I have owned and driven about 12 different cars in US with AT. With the exception of changing AT filter and fluid at about 50000 mile (about 80000Km) intervals, I never had any problems with AT. Now, coming to Fuel economy, I do not know much to comment about that. I recently purchased a new Tavera. But I do plan to buy a used 2nd car which has an Automatic Transmission. Having one hand and one leg free means a lot of relaxed driving and all else that you could do like having a cool drink or eating a non-messy sandwich. Please note that about 99% of cars (including the small cars) have AT in US. In urban traffic, I do long for the lazy AT driving. If Tavera had an AT option, I would have considered it. I am having finding a good driver here (defined as some one who is not alcoholic and who can speak properly). My American professor taught me to learn to drive on a stick shift (MT) Volkswagen Beatle in 1970, and that has helped to drive with MT now on Indian Roads. Have fun TSR
  23. Greetings Guys For my pleasure, I decided that Tavera top end model with captain seats is practical for me. I did check the discussion forums and they were mostly in favor of Innova. I understand that first Savannah Green painted Tavera SS-D1 was invoiced yesterday for me and I should be getting it in 7 to 10 days. Looks wise - I liked Scorpio the best. Next Tavera Next Innova I didnot examine the others for my choice. TSR
  24. Hi shaleengoel Thanks to you and 5u3zEro for your advice. I am glad to hear from you - an owner of a topend model of tavera. After you bought your tavera, what accessories have you added? I will have an excellent sun control film installed. Have you installed a film on the front wind shield? I decided to get a spoiler for looks as well as some aerodynamics. I donot know as to which front and rear bull-bars will look good and be functional as yet. I am not sure about whether a luggage rack will look good or not. I donot need it for any regular use and it may be some use once in a while. I was thinking about buying a double din JVC 815 DVD/CD/USB receiver with 7inch touch screen or about the same in Pioneer AVH-P6050 DVD. I may have to buy these without warranty as they seem to be very expensive. If this is the case, I will have a camera installed to help with backing. Ofcourse, the 2-Din system with tavera SS-D1 will have to be sold. I am not too familiar with ICE. When I decide, I might have a roof monitor installed. What accessories that you have added for your top end model? My order for tavera may be invoiced in the next few days. That is good news as I might get further 2% discount (about 19K) because of 2% excise tax cut anounced by the central government. I look forward to helpful comments from you and others on this board. Thanks TSR