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  1. what Price did u get it for??????? Also speakers type and price?????
  2. what is the price of 3050 and which speakers and cost of the same. Kindly share.
  3. GOOD QUERY....I request the forum to throw light on taking the insurance through dealer or directly from companies.How would it differ in price and service?
  4. Hi Tushar, At what price you are getting HU & speakers . Are you getting in grey market or with bill & waranty.
  5. Why nobody is mentioning i 10 kappa. With year end discounts,Good engine,and a great car......comments on this
  6. I think i 10 magna Kappa engine should be a good buy with the year year end discounts. A-star I feel that it is too crampy at the rear seats.You will be cursed for it for the lack of leg room.Even normal height people with 5ft 6 inch find it difficult to sit at the rear. So i 10 in short should be a better buy.
  7. I feel i 10 Kappa would be a better choice. A great car and now Hyundai is offering HUGE DISCOUNTS roughly Rs50,000. It would be a good buy now.
  8. What about the most large segment of 4-5 lakhs?????
  9. Thanks Vibhor. Regarding your suggestion of Sony Xplod---What would be the cost and what do they provide. Head unit. Shouls I put the front speakers.and where should I buy it.
  10. Budget cheaper the better around 5-7 thousand or should I opt for high budget 10 K. Music system is for light family rides.I am not a music buff.
  11. Kindly advise on these 2 issues: I am buying my first car I10 1.2 Kappa Magna. I have ZERO idea about music system and its cost.My requirement is for basic not high end & hi fi. ---FM radio,CD & should I opt for USB? ---2 front SPEAKERS is it Ok I ???? So how should i buy and where [showroon or accessories shop]
  12. I am buying my first car I 10 1.2 kappa Magna. Could you suggest what type of & which music system brand with rough cost should I opt.[My lookout is for basic type not the high end].Also which are the other accesories should I opt for.
  13. hELLO aRAVIND I think Santro and I 10 are giving great discounts.You should go for i10, anf 4 lakhs you will get it with the excise cut and other discounts.