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    BonFre reacted to archit in The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!   
    Yes thank you BonFre. I am rather enjoying the device.
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    BonFre reacted to sachins in How is Chevy Enjoy   
    Fellow members have covered most of the things.
    @BonFre, if you can wait for some months then Honda Mobilio will be here. It shall be worth to check it out.
    The only downside of Mobilio v/s Ertiga might be spartan interiors and may be high NVH levels.
    I am myself looking for a MPV (Q1 in 2015) and though choices are still limited in this space, I think it might very well be between Ertiga v/s Mobilio. I really wish Hyundai would have launched it's MPV by that time but I don't think it's going to happen soon.
    Don't know, but whenever I start to think about MPVs, Innova still is the first one to come to my mind. It's just the price that's keeping it away from my list.
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    BonFre reacted to librankur in How is Chevy Enjoy   
    Not many are fond of this vehicles.You would rarely find them on the road and if you do, most of them are mostly taxis.
    Just wondering, if you are OK with that kind of boxy looks how about the base variants of Xylo or the Evalia.I am sure you can still zap up an older Evalia in your price range.
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    BonFre reacted to Shashank_GTO in How is Chevy Enjoy   
    I was just going through a few videos on YouTube when i came across this.. Thought you'd find it useful!!


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    BonFre reacted to Hersch in How is Chevy Enjoy   
    I have sat in both an Ertiga and the Enjoy and to be honest, both have their own sweet spots. While Ertiga would pamper you more with its interior/ exterior design, the Enjoy is a no non-sense MPV with a little spartan interiors but better third row seating comfort as compared to the Ertiga. The comfort levels are somewhat similar in both the cars and so are the performance figures. It would all depend upon how frequently you would be using that third row of seats; if its something that'll happen very frequently, then Enjoy would be a better choice, but if its only going to happen once or twice a month, then Ertiga it should be for you. I would also suggest that you wait for atleast 2-3 months in case you decide to go in for the Enjoy as there were reports of a recall due to some technical snag in the current lot of cars. Would also suggest that you confirm the same with atleast 2-3 GM dealers or better still, with some existing Enjoy owners to get more clarity.
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    BonFre reacted to scorpionragha in My all new FORD FIESTA tdci,KINETIC BLUE.   
    Magic of jopasu car duster.
    Car can be cleaned in 5 minutes. Highly recommended product. I am loving it.
    Whatever be the level of dust, it picks up with ease.

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    BonFre reacted to scorpionragha in Ford Ecosport Launched starting 5.59L   
    Spotting of ecosport. Chennai-tindivanam road.

    Blue one 1 litre ecoboost petrol & white one 1.5 litre petrol.
    Pick up of the 1.0 litre ecoboost was excellent.
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    BonFre reacted to Sstar in Honda Amaze : Launched starting at Rs. 4.99 lakhs   
    Yes, probably this is the reason why MSIL is now offering ready delivery of Dzire, earlier there was a waiting even for petrol.
    Congratulation BF. And intelligent decision to wait for some time and now hurrying for delivery.
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    BonFre reacted to Sstar in The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!   
    I had bought the Samsung Grand just 1 month is an excellent product in 21K price band. The only thing which I have as a complaint is that when I run Youtube videos on it...the pixelation problem surfaces. Actually Samsung has not provided a good display resolution that is why this happens. However, there is no issue with brightness, display in day light, night. Static display is cristal clear.
    But apart from only this issue....there is nothing to complaint about it.
    On Canvas HD, I have checked this out personally as my office mate has bought it from Snapdeal at just under 15k...and he has a similar problem too but not with display, it is with sound quality. Canvas HD has not so good sound quality specially when you run speaker on. However, if I compare the display which is IPS Full HD in Canvas is phenominal for a phone which is Indian brand made, under 15K....i mean you would not find a better display then this especially for Live video streaming from youtube.
    On XOLO A800....I have not seen it... so no comments
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    BonFre reacted to chaitanya99 in Spied: Chevrolet Enjoy MPV EDIT: Production starts in India   
    hi, yesterday when i was coming back from college i spotted this chevrolet enjoy & sail in NH 9
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    BonFre reacted to babi in Volkswagen Tiguan Scoop Pics   
    Today,while returning from my workplace, I spotted this Volkswagen Tiguan,parked in a fuel station, on NH-6.near Bally,Hooghly district. W.B.I managed to get a few snaps.

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    BonFre reacted to raj_92 in Between Duster & Ertiga   
    xuv is a good car with a lot of features for its price but what is a car without good ride if you want to drive you,r car on the highways go for the duster and to be frank features like cruise control have no place in india IMO
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    BonFre reacted to raj_92 in Between Duster & Ertiga   
    its doing good till now but i can hear some queaks here and there what mahindra did was give indian customers features that they have not seen like for example the cruise control or the gps this made the indian customers too jittery they compromised on plastic quality the ride the same old issue of the breaks lets see how it fares after a servicing which is due in a week or two
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    BonFre reacted to raj_92 in Between Duster & Ertiga   
    i will say go with the duster i have the xuv its drive is not very confident it rolls a bit breaks are not that good though the car is packed with features like gps plenty of airbags cruise control and many more
    my friend has a duster its a much more better car to drive and handel and is cheaper to
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    BonFre reacted to Rapper72 in Nissan Micra facelift spotted   
    Spotted this Nissan Micra face-lift yesterday in Pune. Pic taken from mobile device, at night. So not clear, but managed to get a record shot.

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    BonFre reacted to rameshbabu.n in Tata Vista D90 launched starting at Rs.5.99 Ex Delhi   
    Nice launch from Tata Motors.
    They did everything they could in bringing this wonderfully
    configured hatch. At an excellent price point.
    What else do they need to do, now ?
    Bring in an automatic Vista D90.
    That would be just impossible to resist.
    By the way, why the roof is colored black ?
    Even in January (when the summer is yet to
    start), we are already feeling the heat, thanks
    to the ban on sun film, Add to this, a roof top
    colored in black ? I just can not digest it.
    Except the black topped roof, everything else
    seems OK and perfect.
    All the best Tata Motors. You need some good
    numbers now that you got your act together.
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    BonFre reacted to librankur in New Honda CRV coming to India but no diesel just yet. Will it sell?   
    Honda is all set to launch the 2013 CR-V in India on February 12th, 2013.
    It would be assembled in Noida and could be priced similar to or lesser than out going model.CKD route wipes away the extra costs in this 4th Gen vehicle
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    BonFre reacted to Lokesh in Laptop & Tablet suggestions   
    Sony Vaio T series is another good option but I could not find this model (T31126CN/S) on net.
    Capacitive Touch Screen + Win8 will be a great fun to use as Win 8 is meant for touch devices.
    Consider buying Sony or HP or Apple only. HP ultra-books are little bit outdated as compared to Sony now and so they have lots of offers/schemes and accidental warranty too.
    Note: In ultra-books you may not find DVD drive and sometimes battery is inside the casing.