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  1. 1- Who told you the Ikon is more reliable???? And how did u derieve to that conclusion?? 2- The Logan has been in the Limca book of records for being India's Most Fuel Efficient car so why do yous say the Ikon is more fuel efficient??? Check Clublogan . com for the article which has Official Documentation from AUTOCAR and MAHINDRA RENAULT which shows the Logan is Cheapest to maintain amongst cars in its category including the IKON. Guys, Ford is known to be always costlier in maintainance and running costs. I saw so cause i had an Ikon before i bought the Logan. Also, i also would like to say that the Ford Fiesta Diesel is a better and a more peppier car to drive bt is nt as fuel efficient as the Logan. here are the images and links for you It clearly states that the Ford Ikon is 41% more costlier to maintain than the Logan !!
  2. All parts available , readily. This is mine and other members of the forum too...
  3. If u really have that much of a Run,i wud once again suggest u to gofor the Logan, best efficiency, grt space and also nice engine!!
  4. My Bet is the Logan, The dzire for me doesnt looklike a complete car,personally! Secondly,the seats are cramped too. Also, the FE of the Logan is alsoknown to be a tad better to the DZire...So itsthe Logan all the way!
  5. For your drive,i wud suggest a Logan, have mentioned earlier that it has a tremendous mileage and also pretty comfortable, spacious and roomy interiors! The Ride is also brilliant..
  6. I would suggest u go for the Logan. The Major reason being the Superb Engine,completely manufactured by Renault, Second, the space and comfort including head room! Also, the Trunk is one of the most spacious. The car is Highly Fuel Efficient even in worst conditions! It also has a solid suspension! Go for it!
  7. u can call Autocar and speak to the authorities there! They are the ones managing this!
  8. I spoke to an employee of Autocar India, she said that 2nd round got completed on 23rd and so it may be 26th of 27th till the list comes out...
  9. Hey Nimesh.. Not at all... Check out the article @ ,the pictures of the interiors are also posted. They actually are like the New Logan launched by Dacia in Brazil and Romania. Probably, Mahindra will bring in the New Logan too with the Sandero..
  10. Yea it indeed is the Sandero and is coming as early as next year. The complete article is posted at the link CrazyCat pasted!
  11. This has happened. I was lucky i got a call and not the SMS or Email. For those whu didnt, they shud've contacted the nearest Maruti Driving School. Neways, has anyone got a call for the 3rd Round here???
  12. They took one photo from all at my center! No second pic was needed as assesment was still not done! So no question of asking for another pic !
  13. Not really all tat bad! I have had worse experiences with maruti for my Esteem. I went to NBS(Company Owned) day before and the service center was very well equipped, well done service and trained professionals!