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  1. Even with ABS and Air Bags you are not safe, but you cannot think always that you are not safe. I have an ABS in my Swift petrol. I feel it is very much needed, since driving on Delhi roads is worse, But it does its job pretty well Yeah i do have to remind you of one thing, ABS do sometimes tends to fail during bumper to bumper traffic, since the Electronic circuit box box gets confused. It happens in every ABS system vehicle since the traffic condition is very Heavy, But it is a least concern to worry.

    Airbags and especially in Indian cars, will only and only open when you are driving and you collide with some exterior element with a suitable amount of force, It wont open if your car is standing or is idle and some exterior element bangs your car from rear.

    My friend had to be admitted in the hospital because a truck rammed his Verna from behind even though he was driving at 30 kmph. [ Due to safety he bought a 6 air bag version Verna, and it never opened]

    In my opinion if you really want safety then Go for a car which has a solid body Like The VW,FIAT,Skoda. These Europeans have a body like a tank, I still Remember when i banged my palio with an Indica. It was a head on collision and Honestly speaking nothing happened to the car[ Only the Bumper fell off and the passenger side light was broken, everything else was perfect].

  2. I had a fiat uno petrol . I had the same problem. It is the bit computer or which we say ECU box problem. basically the connection wires gets exchanged and sometimes they get disconnected. so problems do arise. in my case i had to spend 30,000 for it. the ECU box is very complex even by refreshing it sometimes it does not work. Not Just that. You also need to check the chip wires which connects the gas to the engine. there is a plug in connector which is why the engine stopped for Mr Sorot. this same plug in connector is linked to ECU. first when the car's engine starts then this connector is used for it and even for acceleration.

  3. Hi.

    Since your friend will be coming from the hatch feel, both the cars on city and highway roads are equally same. So the cushioned feel of both the cars will be same but then your friend wants a car to be an suv with Latest gadgets and knowledge throwing functions so definately the XUV wins. But both these cars have major problems in specific parts like for XUV, the cars suspension weakens when you are driving at aroung 100-115 kmph then after that its fine. this same problem is present in hyundai products. Mahindra claimed that they have rectified it but i guess they have just updated it a bit. Then with Safari, the big problem with this car which is why this car failed in New Delhi is because of its costly service and costly parts. it is like you are buying a link rod of a skoda superb. The power delivery is more or less the same in both the cars and yes last row is highly pathetic in both these cars

    so don't worry about that. Talking of gadgets the XUV is brilliant, they have these fancy stuff and cool looking dials, do remember that fancy looking LED do not last for long time. this is the common problem here with XUV. SAFARI on the other hand is like simple entry level SUV with features just to make you relax like rear air con and very comfy seats. the view area is also much better than XUV. I think since your friend was driving zen and he wants to taste a SUV feel then XUV will deliver in the best ways, all your friends needs are getting fullfilled. Safari is too big for a person who drives a hatch every day. Please don't think service issues on Mahindra. All the companies have same kind of service, just that according if you are paying high amount of money and you expect a service like that and that too in India then my friend think only 1/3 of it. A friend of mine has a beemer 5 and he hates their service so much that every time he wishes to blow up the service building.

  4. Congrats.

    well i also own a swift. its a zxi version( JUNE 2012 model) . the car is good. for some audiophile the audio system is brilliant as you don't need a subwoofer installation into the car. The car's main factor is the highly efficient engine it has under the bonnet. currently the car is giving me a 15.4kmpl in the city . and in highways 16-17. 16000km driven. Do remember one thing it usually takes a year to cross the 14.5 kmpl mark and you have to be very patient with it. the performance of the car has also been changed. with heavy suspension the car do gives a goood performance but you won't be feeling any bit of it because of good suspension. it is like driving a fiat uno or punto. TYou know i have easily outshined an ecosport some days back and killing an underpowered i20 is a piece of cake. yes for diesel swift, the planning and way tackling them is different.

    the bad part of the car is the pathetic brakes( same for swift and dzire). the brakes are brilliant when u r at high speed but when u r driving in first gear especially during traffic the car's brake response is very late and the brake pedal becomes hard. its basically the bit computer problem of the car as it switches off the ABS working with the brakes and for switches on after one or some times fraction of seconds. initially when i was unaware of this problem i did banged the front bumper alot .Please don't worry. this problem was the manufacturing defect that maruti first ignored it but after so many complaints from the customers, They accepted. they just have to retune the bit computer box.