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  1. Why TVS Jupiter has magnet to its key?
  2. @neerajd As I said in my query I had changed its coneset after falling from motorcycle. So coneset problem is ruled out. I guess fork might have been bent slightly. Now I really don't have time to give my motorcycle for service anywhere. My schedule is very busy working from 10 to 6 from monday to saturday no holidays in between.
  3. Few days back my Honda Dazzler fell towards right while riding all due to stupid auto driver who overtook me without any warning & went away without stopping & bike pretty much took a heavy hit as the speed was approx. 40 kmph. After few days I had changed its cone set because bike was making "khat khat" sound whenever I used to go over a pothole it was way before falling & cone set had to be changed. After installing new cone set my bike has been wobbling I went to Honda service center they checked & mechanic tightened the center big nut which is below handle bar, after that wobbling issue went away now the bike pulls towards right whenever I go over small potholes or a road filled with continuous potholes at a decent speed of 20 kmph, bike starts to pull towards right. Again I went to Honda service center to rectify the issue. They test drove it did some adjustment to the big center nut problem got rectified but again there was a slight pull towards right service center said that handlebar has been bent towards right so it is pulling towards right. So I said ok, make it aligned they kept the bike for whole day & I guess they had aligned the handle & said everything has been done. After few days again the bike started to pull towards right whenever I go over small potholes or road filled with continuous potholes. Now really I've not idea what is causing the problem & I cannot leave my bike in service center for whole day. Has anyone had the same or similar problem? What is the solution to this problem?
  4. Nice to hear that India had Mercedes cars before. I remember seeing all the cars launched after H. M Ambassador I remember seeing H. M Contessa I had really liked it, but I was sad after hearing that Ambassador & Contessa were just a remake of British Morris & Vauxhall Victor. I didn't see Lambretta but i saw Priya scooters. I always used to get confused between Priya scooter and Bajaj scooter.
  5. I was just wondering what kind of cars did India had before H. M Ambassador? Did India had cars like American classic cars? And what about trucks, buses and two wheelers? What were the fuel prices then?
  6. Thank you both for the suggestions i'll surely suggest him those bikes.
  7. Hello Autocar India Forum members, my friend is looking to purchase a bike which is rough and tough with decent mileage good riding comfort both in city and long highway driving his budget is 1 lakh rupees.
  8. My two years old white Honda Dazzler's front mudguard is turning yellow . How to get rid of this yellow colour? Are there any home remedies? If no, then from which online store I can buy the solution? P. S: Only front mudguard is turning yellow remaining body colour is still clear white, I don't live anywhere near railway station or near railway lines or near factory, I park it mostly under tree's shade, only under some unavoidable circumstances it will be parked in hot sun, while in home it will be covered using old bed-sheet cloth to avoid any nasty scratches.
  9. It definitely is an Eicher truck from the front mud flaps(Eicher written on it) you can tell it is an Eicher.