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  1. Even i think that service is not a big issue here,may be supply can be said to be an issue but this is due to huge demand of fz16 which has even surpassed company's expectation.
  2. Yes a gearless scooterate can be expected from Yamaha which may be of 150cc or above with disc brakes and extra additionals.I think 125cc scooterate will be a better option for Yamaha as high volume cant be expected in premium scooter segment.What do you all think?
  3. It has been cleared by Yamaha that they would definately launch two 125cc+ bikes next year and it is highly speculated that out of the two one bike will definately be R125 (indian version may be as european one would be quite expensive).Also there are rumours that there may be variants of fz16 and r15.
  4. Hi friends,it was heard that Yamaha plans to launch two more 125cc + bikes and also one scooterate in next year.Does anyone has an idea about what type of model can we expect from them.4