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  1. or i might go for a-star... for ease of city driving.. of course it costs less and has all the safety features at 4 lac ex showroom please guide me.. i drive 80% singly
  2. hey guys.. can anyone help me? i drive about 45 km everyday in city. shud i go gor a diesel? i m more interested in diesel car budget: not more than 5 lac so mainly palio mjd SDE/ vista aqua have really liked palio as a car always... mjd has gud reviews everywhere.. bad points of mjd interiors ( i dont see much of a problem with that) poor after sales?? HOW MUCH OF A PROBLEM IS THAT ESPECIALLY WITH THE TATA partnership?? poor resales? how worse is that? please help me with a decision mjd SDE is about 4.35 lac ex showroom delhi with music system vista aqua 4.45 lac widout music system.. + 10k=4.55 effectively
  3. hi archit 800 takes 26.95 sec for 0-100km/h but what matters is really 20 to 80 km/h where she takes 15.46 sec and isn't far behind bigger cars... try overtaking bigger cars on a flyover and you will be surprised by th performance of the veteran!!!
  4. sorry i meant that all this have nothing to do with the fact that linea is a good or a bad car..
  5. i don't think linea would be much of a success. given the poor after sales of fiat, hardly helped by tata, an average car buyer wouldn't be able to resist the prestige linked with honda... so even sx4 wud suffer... because of onslaught from both the sides... city from above and dzire from below... people want sedans with prestige/peace of mind(a.s.s)/ economy... honda city provides all of this, sx4 offers something of everything, dzire diesel offers economy big time fiat offers none of this... just build quality for the enthusiasts.... but then even they find it lacking in power and my friends all this has nothing to do with the fact that linea is a bad car... thats the way market works here...essentials are must... fiat shud better learn this from maruti/hyundai/honda
  6. hi bluesapphire the difference between actual rear space isn't that much... both have space much less than bigger hatches like getz and indica... 2 people at the back will have similar comforts in both the cars... and i feel this anomaly shud be ignored by people who use their cars mostly singly/double since here u have peace of mind because of safety features at the front which no other car can provide at this price... otherwise if u can afford the top end i10 wid similar features at 6 lacs its fine... go ahead.. but for most people stretching a budget of 4.5lac to 6 lac isn't quite possible so it basically sums up to the fact are you willing to sacrifice some rear space for safety and peace of mind??.. i feel its worth it!
  7. thanx crazycat.. will defintely be careful...
  8. thought of doing this only... wud buk in a few days
  9. hi to all car lovers.... i seem to be in a better position to comment about a-star, since i have test driven it twice. i was considering i10 1.2 and a-star as my first new car. after TD a-star and i10 1.1 & 1.2: 1st time a-star: exciting i was surprised by compact exteriors of the car expected it to be bigger. sitting in the drivers seat i felt space was decent after some adjustment ( i am 6 feet tall).. engine was very silent as compared to earlier marutis. it had good pickup even with AC on.. the front console was quite functional.. though initially i was quite skeptical about it... it might concern short heighted drivers..turning radius of 4.5 m is even lesser thn alto MOST IMPORTANT: REAR SPACE ISSUE- i was quite disappointed by the rear space because of lack of space + low seating instead of high seating of boxy cars. BOOT SPACE-was less than expected but i have hardly used the boot in past 7 months of my driving- not really an issue for me. i10 1.2 premium interiors, though personally i dont prefer total beige interiors..especially the dash (should always be in a darker colour- take the case of any of mercedes/bmw) felt more at home in the a-star.. 1.2 definitely has a better pickup.. front space was similar to a-star. rear space somewhat more than a star but not a big difference.. overall not exciting for the price to me 1.1 didnt feel as good as 1.2. even a-star was better. probably due to its weight advantage. i was confused a-star was very good but for the rear space. i10 somehow didnt strike a chord. 2nd TD actually spent quite some time in assessing the rear space of a-star,.. was satisfied that it wasn't all that less and that i drive alone 95%. and for 5% most of my family are not as tall as me.. then i finalized a-star zxi on road 4.4 lac after cenvat waiver.. it had all essentials-ABS, dual airbags, int stereo(4 spkrs) which were available in i10 at a much higher price. will buy one in jan..2009 model FuelRunGod2008-12-15 09:05:07