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  1. Folks...i wanted to add a line for all those who have been complaning about the pick and poor drivability on the linea. I had my car remapped, rather factory programmed from Kiirus in mumbai. Just had to send my ecu in and it all worked out well. The guys in fiat dont know what they are saying when you ask them about pick up. I didnt need to change any parts or even add....just programming and i have 11k on clock since i had it done. All going well and the fiat folks didnt figure out anything at the dealership, so that keeps my warranty safe.. Totally worth it for the programming I paid and added extra 20 bhp on wheels without hurting mileage.....
  2. missed on the other post....modern remaps work better. I have on mine. You should get in done ....adds a lot of power, no mileage loss and does hurt warranty
  3. by petes tuning box you will hurt your warranty. Try this...i have it on mine...
  4. for all guy guys who think your CRDI getz is quick...come and check out my remapped vdi....i am in for a race....;-)
  5. honestly about failures...i just shared my experience about having a car that was tuned while in the US that i drove for over 5 years. you have to understand what is remaping to know how exactly they extract this extra power that the company cant provide while tuning cars. Simple : codes are altered for higher combustion ratios. turbo diesel burns hotter than the regular diesel that is commercial quality. The extra energy now by better combustion after altering the codes simply utlise these now for propelling the car. I have also noticed the engine rpm is lower than before, which means the stress is lower. Now it pulls easy and quick 100kms@2100rpm. before tuning i beleive this was slightly higher. Knocking ...almost dissappeared at low and midrange torque....trsut me worth it....
  6. i am not sure about using tuning boxes, but i have been an auto enthusiats myself for a while and i was subject to being a customer in auto programming while i owned a 540i in the US that i drove for over 5 years after programming. Have always liked the feel after tuning and one thing that is assured is the safety benefits since its all within the tuning parameters of stock setting. Nothing is really hurt and you get the best for high combustion burning. Apart from that my warranty is safe and i dont worry about any failures of external devices that are plugged on after making an investment that one would like to last. The programming doesnt fail...once done its can only be rolled back to previous settings. Honestly, i suggest you talk with the remapping company that tuned my car and try their test demo will want to do it the next distance. Cheers and drive safe mate!
  7. i spent 25K and this is lifetime tuning unlike additional attachments you are covered for the money spent until u have the car.
  8. i dont think it void my warranty and i only have 12K on my clock with my car going to the dealership for regular services anyway. The delearship dont understand this at all. Its better you check with the tuners. They told me it was guarntee that the remapping couldnt be deteceted through the on board diagnostic. I enjoy driving my swift all remapped and trust me , it drives better than the petrol. These kiirus guys only do high end remapping...but recently started out with all the basic domestic and their work is good. you should chat with them once to understand better.
  9. have you considered remapping your ECU. should add some extra horses. have you talked with the guys? maybe they can help. I believe they have maps for any european autos
  10. before you spend that kinda money, i suggest you talk to the kiirus guys. I had my vdi remapped and they have a demo car to try on if you want the feel. Adds extra 20 bhp and 54 torque without hruting warranty...cheers!
  11. You could remap a petrol as well as a diesel car. The trouble are with the japanese petrols that need part alterations in the ECU plus programming that usually infaltes the cost and is not worthwhile in India. For eh its cheaper to work on a BMW than a honda civic. Did you guys visit the TOI 2009 motorshow. We stopped by at booth / company very new in india, KIIRUS. They seemed knowledgeable. The program cars to work best on premium diesel and petrol. I thought the idea of tuning cars best by determining the quality of fuel made more sense than just tuning them for more power only. That keeps the ratio better and its also good for the engine life. They explained this to me and after much research i found it was true.
  12. i checked on this from my Tuning company and they explained to me more on remaps and why its safe and works well if you willing to read and understand how the engines work. Cars are tuned regionwise depending upon the quality of gas available. The two qualities regular and premium available are for a reason. One's the commercial grade with substantial properties and qualities to pass as fuel and the other one being the good grade with better octane standards that produce more combustion. For eg: the F1 cars will not perform at all with just ecu remapped with regular available 87 octane, it needs the 98 and above since the engine is tuned to quality of fuel supplied. On my swift and the skoda there is a remarkable difference just by going up to the premium quality tuning. I am guessing by atleast 25%. It costs me an extra 70 bucks maybe for the preimum but it also drives better sucking less its all compensated.
  13. you're right. The numbers for Uk are 105 bhp. My mistake, what is meant is it has been tuned max to 130 bhp which is max the for the engine output and many dealerships actually sell it with the tuning program as an additional accessory calling the performance tuned at 130 bhp while selling new cars. This was my experience while I lived there.
  14. I cant seem to post a pic here, can anyone suggest how. I have the 205/15 wit goodyear gt1 on the VDI. It really looks cool.