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  1. Polo's rear legroom is a bit of a concern. Go for Vento Trendline diesel. though would be slightly higher than your budget. its Legroom is very good. moreover you get rear AC vents and you get very comfortable ride. I prefer you have a Test drive of i20 , polo and Vento n compare the comfort , Drive(check wich one gives you less bumpy ride at the rear) and this will help you get a clear idea and decide.
  2. check the difference of Price from CLXi to SXi. quite a lott difference. This means you still pay the same amount for SXi model , like you used to before.
  3. @Soumen- you car seems to be manufactured in March 2011
  4. I had got My Polo Diesel in 30 days
  5. @Gkwatra- shell out an extra lakh and buy the diesel itself. let me tell you. Diesel Dzire's resale is around 60 - 70k rs more than petrol. so when you sell it , you get 3/4th of the extra lakh paid , back. Plus the running cost per km for diesel turns out to be much better and you do save a lot in 3yrs. so i prefer you to forget the idea of Petrol , then adding CNG etc. n go get yurself a Diesel Dzire
  6. @Ag - Do have a look at Polo petrol too, before you book yourself an i20. i guess Polo comes in your budget.Though i20 is good too, I personally loved Polo a lot compared to the i20.
  7. @Itsme. Honda City holds the best value. but still if you want even least depreciation, i would personally prefer you to have a look at used cars. trust me, this would work really good. Just hunt for a USED all New Honda city. preferably 2010 model. price should be around 1.5 - 2 lakh rs less than the new car. also when you buy a used car , do take a mechanic with you, to make sure that car is clean. you can also look at the Honda Civic 09 model for 5 lakhs less and also SX4 2010 ZXi for arnd 2 lakhs less than the on road price.!
  8. The Only problem with Hyundai is that , no wonder what , they are not Phasing out the outdated and the old model cars in INDIA , even though there is the replacement new ones. Instead they are simply doing some very minor changes with the exterior/interior. Santro /Xing might have done well in Indian Market, but that was few yrs ago. but from 2007 its been WagonR, i10 and other cars leading the Segment. I agree that decreasing the price might help.Still I rather prefer that its time for Hyundai to Phase out Accent. mndvishnu2011-03-21 06:07:04
  9. Got my Polo today. pics and review will soon be comming up mndvishnu2011-03-19 13:36:11
  10. wow.!! pricing seems to be very competitive. BMW ,Audi and merc are sure to have a tough time with this. but however the interior doesnt look all that impressive to me. The interior of BMW 3 seires and the Audi A4 is much better than this.
  11. @pranab- VW Jetta is not a bad option , at the same time not the best option in that league either.! and taking into consideration that his dad hates Skoda. FYI VW is the sister concern of Skoda. I know his dad doesnt want an SUV. but keeping in mind his budget, i would still prefer his dad to take a test drive of the Toyota Fortuner. If he doesnt like , let him not buy, but no harm in having a Test drive right? Itz just above all though the comparision of SUV and a sedan is not appropriate. and would serve him for ages without any head ache or trouble. unlike the Skoda
  12. City's ground clearance is quite decent enough.! i dont think it would be an issue until n unless there is such an odd n awkward Speed breakers. however i prefer you to have a test Drive in the City. make sure you got 4 people seated in it, and take it in such areas and check it out thoroughly. this would help you in deciding and understanding better
  13. @Ashikawa - do enquire the quote of body colored door handles and ORVM's again. i guess they quoted you for the bumpers.!! well i myself have asked the quote for getting the body colored door handles and ORVM's. the quote was rs 3.2 k
  14. @Roadrash- If you are keeping it for over 10 years. just look for none other than the Honda City. it will serve you for ages and as you would know its one of the finest and the best reliable car in its category. and it does score pretty well in other categories too, be it the Engine, performance , interior quality , build quality , safety features. Fiesta(new) on this Aspect will not be up there and i dont think they are reliable and serve you for over 10 yrs easily and its high on maintenance too.However do have a look at the Vento. though i still prefer you to go in for the City mndvishnu2011-03-08 16:02:11
  15. @girish- WagonR is quite good a car and makes a good buy too. i totally agree with Dr Nishu's views. at the same time hyundai new i10 kappa2 makes a senisble buy, so you can obviously have a look at it once. whereas Etios Liva or Brio is concerned , it will not be launched soon.(might take few more months) however if you are ready to wait for them its the best option