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  1. hi all, i planning to buy new car near diwali, please suggest which one is the better option i 10 or swift. I lokking for a base model for both car as my budget is aroung 4 lak. i10 Era is cheaper one and have lot's more feature than swift. like front power window, interior and others. but swift lxi is just a simple car but it look good. i m confuse between both cars. Please suggest a good option. and i m purchasing a car for my family. it will run aroung 10,000km per year on an average...but not more than that. and what should i opt swift lxi or vxi. .......which one is better for me. or simply i10 which satisfy my all need of features also + it is cheaper. I want you all to point your suggestion for the matter. Regards yogesh
  2. hi all, let me clarify that the engine name like CRDI(common rail direct ignition), dicor, and other works on the latest technology in which diseal is pull intowards the engine with a high speed just like a gas to compress and ignite it....so in this way the engine work with less diseal and produce more power.... these are about technology part...you don't have to much concern about it because it's a mechanical term in design of engine while purchasing a small family car.... i asked u previously also that if you go for a sporty car then you should look these features. so what i suppose is don't confuse ..take test drive all the cars..if u want more power u can feel acceleration and pick up speed...this will make u more easy in taking ur deciesion. Br yogesh.
  3. hi, i m also looking for a new car and i have roamed many showroom ......in my opinion....litre varies in sports term..if you are a sproty guy u need more litre car.....otherwise 1000cc engine is enough to take load of 4-5 pepole with AC cofertably.....rest you can have to decide about it. BR yogesh
  4. hi, i m also checking for the new car.... i went to almost every showroom of every brand.. i tried 2nd also from maruti tru value shop. and what i suggest u to go with chevy spark.....with LS model..it will cost u around 3.2lkh and with power window, stearing, A/C......... but if you go with hundia i10 then it will cost u more than 3.5lkh on road......same as with A-star.. but if you can streach you budget then no doubt go for i10...that nice, comftable car. BR yogesh
  5. hi.. i got one offer from maruti true value, gugoan, there is maruti esteem VXI , model 2002, 37000km run, and they are demanding a money of Rs2lakh, they have changed all the 5 tyres of a car.....car is looking in good condition..... i want you suggestion ...that whether it's worth to buy it or should i look it to others offer..... and do you have any info about tata NANO. and when it will launched. please reply ASAP.
  6. ok .....what do you suggest of taking an old wagnoR from Maruti true value shop...is it trusty to buy a car from there.......because as in next year many new model will be launched then y shd i go wd the old one.........so i m planning to buy a second car for some time period go for a good car like swift......what do u suggest..
  7. hi, could you please guide which are parameters/points on which i can evaluate about the cars...like height, distance from steering or while driving.....
  8. Thank you all for giving me all advices.....i will go for the test drive and select it. Thanks and B'rgds yogesh bhalla.
  9. i agree that WagonR is outdated model ....but if we have to compare between Spark and WagonR ...then what should i prefer... and A-star is new to the market and it is difficult to rely on that....anyway suggest your best option in list.... Thanks
  10. Thanks for responding. Actually my height is 6.1ft......so i have seen the A-Star and i don't think this would be more space in the car....as it look has been chaged but in size it lks like ALTO...... now at this point what do you say about Wagnaaar in maruti.
  11. Thanks a lot for the reply . suggest if i want to purchase between santro or spark ..which one is best for me....because in spark they are giving 3 year of free mantainance and average of that car is around 15 as in camparision satro has an avg of 11-12 and they are not giving some maintaince allowance....what do you say about spark LS it's cheap and available at the rate of 3.18. does this A-star belongs to maruti group. thanks.... regards yogesh .
  12. hi all, i m going to purchase a new car. and i need your review on my choices. i have look for Santro and spark till now and i want your comment on which car i should buy to have a best deal for now and future...i looking for a car in range of 3 to 4 lakh . please suggest me the best option for me..in relation to future maintainance and performance of car. Thanks and Regards yogesh bhalla