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  1. good day folks. I am confused on the honda's 2+2 year warranty schedule. the first 2 years is the mandatory warranty. however is the latter 2 an extended warranty or does it cover only few items ? i am asking this because i've completed 2 years of my city. since my running is really low (5k kms/year) , the showroom guys keep calling me evry 3 months for a service schedule which i know is not required because of my low running. however the showroom guys only want to make quick money. if i get the car serviced at 6months interval , will my 3/4th year warranty be voided ? please advise.
  2. with your lind of running (my estimate 20000kms /year ) , you should be looking only at a diesel option : laura or a jetta. the 1.9 L laura is definitely fun to drive. unless you love performance and dont mind shelling a couple of extra lakhs for the 2.0 L TDI . the jetta is plane jane being more expensive and with a smaller engine. the laura's the one to go for though not very convinced about the skoda A.S.S. the diesel magnum is also fun to drive though being a segment lower. autofreako2009-06-25 11:10:23
  3. i would suggest the i20. its a proven product now and with hyundai A.S.S. you should not go wrong. the 1.2L i20 and 1.4L GP have more or less the same performance ( the 1.2L GP needs a tad more power though) . the i20 is obviously the more fuel efficient of the two. the GP looks much cool and the i20 is a sedate looking car. the quality of plastics in i20 is somewhat better. features wise they are somewhat similar. i for one would not jump to buy a car thats just been launched . would rather wait for industry review and monthly sales chart to decide if its worth it !
  4. its mandatory as per the law to have atleast a 3rd party insurance ! driving with no insurance is surely an offence . you are lucky to evade the cops for two years !
  5. well the scenario is quite different in delhi. the cops are after your life to sight the puc certificate. here the validity is just 3 months. needless to add that it is deemed by the law.
  6. if i remember correctly , there was an article in the ACI about 2 months back where somebody's scorpio was stolen despite being fitted with an immobilizer. maybe they disconnected the car's ECU and fixed their's in its place. so i guess makes sense to fit one as an added safety measure. it costs nothing as compared to the lakhs you shell out on the cars. i for that matter have it on both my cars.
  7. the latest issue in delhi is the BRT. before where there used to be 4 lanes on one side , the same has been reduced to two. a couple of days back , a car broke down and the result : single lane. there was a kilometre long jam. the buses ply in the middle. so to facilitate people crossing at the bus stops , we have additional red lights ! and for the pedestrians , we have two lanes on the left ! only if the govt had done their homework well. instead of blindly aping some developed countries idea. the BRT at chirag delhi which used to be a 5 mins breeze now takes an average of 20/25 minutes. and they are still planning to go ahead with the rest of the project. god save delhi motorists !
  8. @ anijog : did'nt have a look under the rear bumper about what you are talking about. will surely have a look first thing tomorrow in the morning. wonder how i missed it ? @mehul-bhp : you seem to read my mind for my choice of car prefectly man ! yup , the space is similar to the altis. i myself was surprised to see this. honda has utilized the space extremely well keeping in mind the dimensions of the car. yeah the boot looks very small on the outside , but it is actually 508 L ! the customer service is really cool. It's been just over a month and i've received about 8-10 calls from HONDA inquiring about any issues/feedback/problems/service etc etc. Guess this is where this car manufacturers reigns supreme over the contemporaries !
  9. Thanks Tanmay , DD, CC and anijog for your thoughts. yes i agree the tyres look weedy and contemplating to change to bigger ones. am planning to upsize to 15" michelin 195 (stock ones michelin 175) and he's offering me 2400 per tyre for exchange.suggest me if is it the right price under exchange coz i do not have much knowledge about them. have decided on aura alloys ... look very voguish for 18ks. @anijog : could not get your point regarding the visibility of the spare tyre and the unfinished paint ?
  10. yuck man ... could'nt agree more with everyone above. it really is an eye sore !
  11. c'mon sparsh don't take the game away from the maruti. yes i10 has proved its worth. but let atleast the ritz be launched before we give conclusions . dont write off the ritz as of now ! it is sure going to be a worthy contender !