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    Getz deals

    I brought new Getz on 5th Jan 2009. My review may be helpful to you... http://tushargokhale.wordpress.com/
  2. After using Pulsar 180 for 7 Years I dont mind going for 21 BHP engine. However Honda 250 will be my first choice if Yahama and Honda 250 both are launched. After using 180 CC Pulsar I really need some change but I definitely don't want to go back to Pulsar 200 or Pulsar 220. I need now 250CC bike for sure.
  3. Hi all, I fitted the central locking by Hyundai approved brand. They didnot cut any wire. Also it covers 4 Doors, Boot, Bonet & Music system. However I was under impression that when I unlock boot will open but it seems there is no remote boot opener for Hyundai Getz!!!
  4. Hi everyone thanks a lot for all suggestions. 5u3zEr0 I fitted the Pioneer DEH-2150UB, actually u r message came bit late other wise I'd have definitely seriously compared the two models. The system is really cool. I have fitted the Philips speakers. I found a pretty good deal with bill and warranty. Rs 7200 for system and Rs 3600 for 4 Speakers. I'm getting a very good bass effect at very low volume. Also the system has a list function allowing to select the song by scroll the list of songs.
  5. Well! I have a different story for Logan! I'm following Logan ever since I heard that its going to launch in India. I waited for many months... car was launched... I found serious bugs for which I was not ready to compromise... I again waited... I found some bugs were fixed some were not... I decided to go for the car this December with good package deal. With my budget I could only afford 1.4 GLE model that comes with Power steering and AC. I went for test ride... big disappointment! My Maruti 800 5 Speed has a better pickup and power than 1.4, the major problem I hit was in order to get in to drivers seat I had to bend my leg and after seating in drivers seat i could not bring my legs together. Stearing wheel was coming in between. We tried every possible way to do with seat adjustment... however in my maruti I can easily join my both legs while driving. I took 20 minutes test drive and I had cramp in my leg. Finally I gave up on Logan and went for Hyundai Getz. I'm gonna get my Getz today evening. For me Logan is a good car yet it needs to address every customer. I'm not that tall who will have serious issues. My height is only 5.10" Also If Logan was launched by Maruti or Hyundai it would have been a big success but Mahindra is not giving any promising news on Logan. The deal was signed for 50K cars. What is going to happen after that? Mahindra has no plans take Logan further.. causes they are completly dependent on Renault for that. I always had a fear about spares/serive while buying Logan.
  6. I visited the nearest shop for Central locking info. The Shopkeeper told me to go for Central locking by "Hyundai" as it has built in clips and sockets to fit to Getz. As against for autocop wires needs to cut to attach. Cutting wires will void the warranty so he suggested me Hyundai central locking system! I hope it is good.
  7. I finally found a very close model to the one shown to me by the shop. I found it on Pioneer UK site! http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products/25/121/61/DEH-2120UB/index.html However its not 2150 but 2120. But physically its identical to the one I saw.
  8. Hi all, today when I went to a dealer to check the prices of music system he showed me Pioneer - 2150 UBG model and said its a brand new 2009 model! However I could not find any info on net for this model. I also found he has the Pioneer DEH-3090UB model that I had asked him. Anyone has any info or links to share on Pioneer 2150 UBG?
  9. Thank you everyone for such a quick reply. First I'm bit relaxed by the info that I can fit the central locking system in my GLE. Tomorrow I'll check the shops and as soon as I get my car I'll fit the system.
  10. I'd have also loved to see Hyundai Getz top end model in the list as it was considered as Premium hatchback before i20 was launched.
  11. I'll be getting my Getz GLE on 6th Jan, I've purchased Getz GLE model. Car is not shipped with Central locking system. Can I fit Central locking for all 5 doors? and how much it should cost? or can any one tell how much roughly it should cost? I stay in Pune.
  12. Thanks a lot for sharing the info. Tomorrow I'll check the shops and will physically inspect the system as well the sound quality.
  13. I'm getting with proper bill. Speakers are costing 3000/- and main system costing around 8K.
  14. With my available budget I've sorted out 2 music systems. However I'm confused between them which one to finalize. My budget for system was max 8500/- and for speakers I'll shell out 3000/- I'm looking into following 2 Music systems "SONY Xplod? CD Receiver - CDX-GT470U" and Pioneer DEH-3090UB I found lot of info of Pioneer at Pioneer Website However there is limited info about the SONY on website. SONY Website My main requirements are 1. USB connetivity 2. Aux input 3. mp3/wma support 4. FM Radio support with 18 channel preset memory 5. 3+ Graphic equalizers While searching on net I found lot of complains about SONY music system prone of skipping tracks. Can gurus on this forum suggest which one to go for?