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  1. As a current Superb owner, why do I get the feeling that Skoda and VAG are dumbing down their current portfolios?
  2. The 1.2 litre TDI disappoints. The Cross required at least the 1.5 from the Vento.
  3. Fabia is a mighty fine vehicle. It is sad to see Skoda let go of this brand.
  4. The DQ200 7 Speed DSG in this car was first launched in the Superb TSI AT and is a dry clutch unit which turned out to be a disaster in Indian Dusty conditions with very high failure rate in the Superb. Hope VW has got this right and the prospective customers ahould be made aware of this fact.
  5. The Superb, any day over the Passat. The Skoda will offer much more overall value.
  6. Is it the same one used on the 7 speed DSG in the 1.8TSI Superb? Because that dry clutch DSG has serious issues world over...