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  1. 'm trying to decide on a new car for the office commute...small (for parking) and cheap (since it's use will be basically utilitarian). My main requirement is QUALITY of airconditioning (read -- ability to lower temperature). I'm the kind of person who needs to be really chilled at all times). I'm thinking of the Alto LXI. However, going through all the reviews on various websites, I keep getting the comment that the 'power drops drastically with the A/C on". What I would like to know is... how does it cool (i.e., does it really chill?). Power dropping when the A/C's on is not really very important, since I'm not planning to do any performance tricks on the road; I don't mind slowing down into the slow lane, as long as the A/C's cooling effect is not diminished. I use to own a Matiz, and the A/C in that car really chilled, even though the pickup tanked when the A/C was on. This didn't bother me; I'd gladly give up pickup for the A/C's cooling ability. So -- can I expect the same from the Alto LXI? Does the A/C have the ability to drop the temperature inside the car (irrespective of whether it slows down so that a rickshaw can overtake it)? Thanks for any input
  2. Thanks for all the input, everyone. Will keep all these points in mind. Of course, any fresh input is always appreciated!
  3. Thanks for your quick reply, FRG. Appreciated. I am getting the car for Rs. 6.5L. Perhaps you meant 6 lacs? I did drive the car for a short distance -- didnt notice anything very weird (re rubber banding). I guess I have to take a longer test drive -- but in any case, having come from a Maruti Zen automatic and a WagonR automatic, I dont think any A/T induced effects can be any worse! Again -- thanks for the response.
  4. Im looking for an automatic car, and Ive been offered a used Honda City CVT (2006 model) for Rs. 6.5 lakhs by a dealer. The car has 12,000 km on the clock. My questions: 1. Is this a good price? New on road price is Rs. 8.6L 2. Is this a reliable car (i.e., is it a good buy -- I know Hondas are good, but specifically, the CVT?) Would appreciate any input. Thanks