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  1. I don't understand why Hero is obssesed with skinny tyres... looks totally disproportionate.
  2. The GLA looks awesome and it will surely bring back Mercedes to its top spot.
  3. I was planning to buy a Honda Amaze, but after looking the images of 2014 Honda Jazz, I will surly wait for this beauty to come to India.
  4. Audi CEO Michael Perschke said after the launch of the A-Class... " why would anyboday buy a 22 lakh hatch back when thay can get the Q3 at rs 27 lakh" Mr Perschke shud understand, owning a three pointed star is altoghether diffrent thing. Its a proud thing u know Mr Perschke...!
  5. It already looks great, no need to facelift...
  6. It was overpriced, but a nice car. Sad to see it go.