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  1. Hi, I am from Delhi and joined the forum more than a month back. Went straight to the topics and got involved - just realized I never formally introduced myself. I am (as my name suggests) a car freak and spend most of my time with them or with auto magazines and now in this forum. Last few weeks I have learnt a lot from the forum and have truly enjoyed every minute I have been online here. Looking forward to learning more. My favourite among cars anyday is Porsche - I love the practicality and the intense feel of being one with the machine. Cheers!!! Carzfreak
  2. Interesting reading but my vote goes for men. Maybe it has got something to do with all the women drivers I encounter around me in Delhi everyday. Lately I see that young (college going and executives) girls drive better than older women.
  3. FRG will be coming - it will be my first time in Mumbai - do I need a pass??
  4. delhi cheer up diesel and hawk
  5. my choice: HATCH - swift diesel SEDAN - octavia rs MUV - No choice but if I have to choose then INNOVA. SUV - Land cruiser 4ltr V6 petrol anyday for the smoothest and tension free drive if petrol was on the sponsor / wife / inlaws / mafia / friend / office / you add
  6. Under normal circumstances I would take the Land Cruiser anyday anywhere - dependable and gives the built to last feeling all the time I drive it. It just cannot be called tinny - mind-blowing road presence. No, I would not dare take a X5 or a Cayenne or a Q7 (all Germans) to Leh talk about better engineered or whatever. That said, I love the feel about the German cars and feel they are very evolved. They just do not do things that you expect a car to do but much more - you develop a bond with them. You look after them and you plan to gift them to your children. My office does not have a good parking and is on a very congested road (and I do not like being driven around) otherwise I would have loved to drive a German car to office everyday. I do not know whether I could make the point but maybe a new perspective.
  7. Hi Comfort, You are right - it should be 45 - 46 and hopefully because of the competition they will also keep the trims and not make them expensive options. As for Mercs being used as taxis - I also think that the back seat ride in Mercs are better than the other two so this could be a good reason. This could however play against Mercs since most would like to buy a car of that level which is usually not seen as a cab. It spoils the exclusivity. I also read that the luxury class sales has been stagnating for a couple of years while Audi sales are going up hence the business must be going out of Mercs and Bmws - sad for Merc. Mercs maybe expensive to maintain (India specific opinion) but they indeed are good if your driver is doing most of the running around. An interesting point - spotted a 530i driven by a driver the other day - lucky him.
  8. Hi, Yes, Audi is going to assemble the A4 & A6 in the skoda plant and as per information available to me the India assembled cars will be available from March - June 08. They are not taking orders for the same though so you can expect a delay. There will indeed be a price difference but not more than 1 - 2 lacs I think. For example the car I bought was for little over 50 lacs on road and once they sell the India assembled ones it would be 48 - 49 lacs. So, for an extra couple of lacs you get original German fit & finish with all the international trims - no compromise. They cannot be 50% cheaper so do not expect a A6 for 30 lacs or so. I could say the above because I window shop a lot and compare prices all the times. I remember buying a Skoda Octavia before they started assembling them here and besides the fact that I am very happy when they launched the Aurangabad factory assembled ones the prices went up by 50 k to 1 lac hence I benefitted heavily - moreover they stopped the 2 litr petrol with all the safety features (which my car has) hence I always get offers which are much more than other India assembled Octavias six months to one year newer than mine.
  9. wow - looks yummy and very young - will appeal to the young executives quite a bit
  10. I have no experience on a VOLVO. I hope someone feels us in on a VOLVO diesel now. I am waiting for them to open their showroom here in Delhi.
  11. Hi, This might help all of you. I own an AUDI A6 3 litre V6 TDI quattro for the last six months. I called Audi in Delhi for a test drive after I had driven the Mercedes (BMW still did not have their car ready for test drive though I went through their spec sheet extensively and have prior experience of a BMW 5 series in UK) and they were really up to it. I was invited to their showroom and was given both the petrol and the diesel (they had just two then and now five - two diesel and three petrol to choose from) for the test drive. I never had a diesel car and was not looking for a diesel either so drove the petrol. Now the interesting thing - I decided to drive the diesel also only because of the fact that it had 450 nm of torque and a fantastic 225 bhp. My God - I was blown away. On the sports mode it gave a headache because it was doing unreasonable speeds before I even knew and ride was just luxury. (no - not as good as the Merc but I did not drive the Merc at those speeds also) I came back home totally smitten and decided to spend some more time with this car. Merc launched the new 280 CDI at the same time and I drove it but just could not forget how I felt when I drove the Audi. I bought the AUDI in black - it made sense. The facts and figures that make sense to the people who buy a car of this segment : - It is the fastest among all its competitors. - It is longest among competition. - Fantastic luxury and fit and finish. - Great ride at that sort of speed and handling. - Good to drive and good at the back. - Exclusive since it makes no statement. My Experience: - Prompt service though I needed to just get it serviced once after it completed six months. The bill was only 18000 including a 3M protection that I ordered. - Audi calls and updates me with everything that they are doing all the time. It gives confidence. - Drove at insane speeds around northern Rajasthan with all safety features working overtime. It was a great experience. - The four wheel drive makes it safe and no electronics cut in so you could do great corners. - It surprises a lot of people in the red lights and on highways. - The AC is light years ahead of competition. CONCLUSION: The AUDI 3 litre V6 TDI quattro is still the most powerful among its competition and gives me loads of confidence with the best brakes in business. remember that the torque is available at 1500 rpm only. Just go and test drive one. THE ONLY NEGATIVE if you guys insist: The steering is a bit light.
  12. forgot to mention considering a M5 or a 650I so it is not that I hate BMWs - only that they come second in my list after AUDI.
  13. Well said - agree 100 % with you. I love the Audi because it does not try very hard to be anything. The acceleration is so understated and if one wants to have some fun then it is best to go for the quattro - the ESP does not cut in early and you can have your share of fun in the real world. You do not need to go out of town and find sharp turns - everyday office trips give you a daily dose of satisfaction. All this with fantastic ride quality (debatable point specially for a fast A4) and all the luxury you want. Second would be BMW in my opinion - nothing to do with design but very boy racer type. Great steering with balance and thats it. Third would be MB - Just because I do not think they do anything well other than cosetting the passengers and it is like shouting from the top of a mountain - "I have arrived". Maybe I have not arrived yet. By the way, only a S 500 / 600 will do when I would be 70 years old (wishful thinking). Currently could have thought about a AMG CL only because of the looks but it is priced way more than what it is worth.
  14. Nowadays there are options and brand images - I was shopping for a SUV and started off from scratch. I had heard so much about X5, Cayenne, Touareg and Q7 (all Germans) I finally decided to do a research from scratch and even added the MB M class and Land Rover to my list. I wanted to be noticed also and happy at the same time. I did not need to use my SUV for cornering or did not need to drive it too fast. I wanted to make my family comfortable when I would be driving with them to Leh or Bandavgarh and as my family consists of only girls (wifey and daughters with loads of luggage) I needed a reliable and spacious SUV - did not want to end up middle of a gushing stream in Corbett. Guess what !!!! I ended up buying a LAND CRUISER which was not even in my first or second list. I always thought it had become very long in the tooth and in India they only have the petrol version which came with an auto box (which drinks like a fighter jet) but I am so happy. There are just no issues - it is more than 8 months now with 20000 on the odo and I even took it to Leh, Bharatpur, Kota & Bundi in these months. I am a fan of German cars too but just could not fall in love with any of the SUVs mentioned above. The closest I went was to the Land Rover but LAND CRUISER won the battle on the following grounds - dependability / reliability / user friendly / service back-up. The Germans are still following up and they hope one of these days I might end up buying one of their SAVs (as they are too chic to call it a SUV) but I think I will keep the Land Cruiser till the world runs out of petrol. The auto is like a dream (imagine the auto box of the Accord in a SUV) and the vehicle seems bullet-proof. The plastics and leather are top-notch too. I have been driving quite fast at times too and it is a fantastic cruiser. At high speeds and on bad roads there are just no noises - it is like a cabin of a jet and is still fresh after so many months. I have fallen in love all over again with the Japs. At least for SUVs I would like to say the jap SUVs do what they are supposed to do with a very high sense of reliability and dependability.
  15. Thats the issue - niggling problems. When will they listen and do something about it? I am sure even if the price goes up by 25000 people would still buy it and then good words would spread. As for service I do not expect them to improve IMHO because 95 % people visiting their service centres are taxi drivers and people are tuned in to deal with them. For upmarket products like the SAFARI, the new INDICA V3 and the long wheelbase INDIGO they should have separate service centres maybe. (Just a thought!!!!!)
  16. all figures are in India PORSCHE BOXSTER S - 250 (noida toll road and greater noida expressway) AUDI A6 QUATTRO 3 LITRE TDI - 240 (noida toll road, greater noida expressway and jaipur highway) LANDCRUISER PRADO 4LTR PETROL - 165 (all trips out of Delhi)
  17. best of luck FRG and Dipeesh - I think the safaris sell because they look oohhh so good and have such a nice presence on the road. I have never owned a tata but one of my close friends bought a safari once (black limited edition one of those with bells and whistles some time back) which he had to sell in six months because while driving, the power assist to the steering just went dead on a turn. happy motoring
  18. if you can find a rs which has done less than 20000 k and you love driving this is the car for you - maintenance will be high if you are into redlining but go for it. In India this will be loads of style (yellow??) or else if you want to play safe but still want to have fun while driving then the only other car that would give you a kick - a brand new SX4. (almost same price as a second hand RS hence my advice)
  19. Hi All, I do not feel bad for myself but I do feel bad for Jeremy because he is the one having a mid-life crisis. Yes, he understands cars more than me but do you really think skodas are crappy? In Europe for the last two years and in India this year (JD POWER) Skoda has been ranked as number one in surveys above any name you can think of. I stay in Delhi where there are large number of skodas and I am yet to come across a smoking one. They are solidly built and I trust my children in this car the most. I own a 2004 january petrol skoda (built in germany and not in India since the plant was not ready yet) - yes, that is not a typo - a petrol 2 litre red octy (no style I guess) and am the happiest with this car till today. I know it drinks a lot and I knew it before I bought it but am so happy. I bought the petrol octy because those days it was the only car or variant that came with ABS and front airbags and driving pleasure was ultimate this side of bmws (which I could not afford then). Yes, the legroom at the back is sad and once my hazard light switch stopped working (after 2 years) but skoda changed it in minutes and refused to take money for it. It is time now I sell it because my driver drives it and I hate to give it to my driver but whenever I sit down with my wife and discuss selling it we decide against it.
  20. my first car was a 800 and I paid a premium of 10000 to get a white colour - oohh so chic and it gave me so much satisfaction. I do not think the price or the manufacturer (indian or not) has got anything to do with it. It is high time the base model of maruti becomes ALTO and they should just stop selling (and making) any more 800s. If they stop everywhere in the world why cant they stop here?
  21. hi, this is an interesting topic. While reading through I tried to think hard about which car or cars I hate but could not come up with any name. I can still tell you the ones I will never buy and they are OMNI, any TATA car, AMBY (are they still available for car buying public?), SAN STORM and here comes the new name VERSA. versa I feel really looks like it is on stilts and even the stilts are under - nourished. Maruti should have been fined for launching this car in India. It just helped the bank balance of the Bacchans. I am sorry if any one of you owns this but do not take this personally. Please help by giving me the positives of this car.
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    hi guys, just signed up - looks interesting. Hello kerb - would you be interested in knowing about Audi A6 evaluation? (3 litre diesel TDI quattro)