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  1. I agree with karanraheja. If you drive more than 1000 Kms per month then you should go for a diesel car. This is because a diesel version costs 40K to 50K more than its petrol version. The constraints that you have given, you have no option other than Indigo CS diesel. If you can extend your budget a bit then you can go for Indica Vista diesel or a Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel. If you drive less than 1000 Kms think of petrol car. In the range of 4.5 lacs, other than Indigo CS petrol there are no sedans. I dont recomend Indigo CS petrol. I would recomend you to go for Maruti Suzuki Swift Vxi. It is a lovely car to drive. If you plan to take any Maruti car check with TrueValue dealers.You can find some good deals over there. So before taking any decission calculate how much Km you are going to drive per month.
  2. Thanks for your feedbacks. But none of the manufacturers deliver car with CNG kit fitted. Both Wagon R and Santro has company fitted LPG kit. Again if you fit a CNG kit from an authorized dealer then the warranty of the car is also not void. Can any any one explain me by how much percent there will be a drop of power if a car runs on CNG than on petrol.
  3. Hi I am planning to purchase a Maruti 800 AC Duo. So can you please provide me with the economy of the car with the LPG. Will this economy change if I install a CNG kit in a Maruti 800 AC car. How the performance of the car differ if the car runs on LPG from that of CNG.