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  1. Where can i get old hunk or xtreme in the second hand bikes plz help
  2. Aria is a good vehicle but suffers from bad pricing. I already a found a aria in a Second hand cars market..strange right
  3. Is the bajaj going too far with Bajaj discover and Bajaj pulsar brands. so many additions creates fatigue
  4. Guys happy to see an indian site selling car scale models of all brands Maisto,Welly,Autoart,newray,nikko and bburago. They also sell bike models and helicopter http://vicky.in/shopping/car-scale-models .. made a purchase really love their attempt. anyother tried it
  5. Maruti Suzuki A-star proved its supremacy once again by achieving a spectacular top mileage of 39.48 kilometers per litre (kmpl) in a fuel efficiency rally in Mumbai yesterday. link to the article link to the article I'm a proud owner of A-star getting decent mileage around 20kmpl..But anybody knows how to get more???
  6. Accessories List Price Roof tray AC-752, Tata Xenon Rs10000 Hood deflector, Tata Xenon Rs2714 Door visor, Tata Xenon Rs2563 Rear bumper 419-2, Tata Xenon, stainless Rs10405 Canopy PS-1, Tata Xenon, DBC, primer Rs46980 Lid cover, Tata Xenon, DBC, primer Rs36191 Front Nudge guard full+Bracket Frt. Nudge Rs11764+Rs1450 Bed Liners Xenon Rs8900 Side Step Xenon Rs8900 Seat Cover Art Leather Beige Xenon Rs8000 Seat Cover Art Leather Black Xenon Rs8000 Seat Cover Art Leather Combo Dark Beige & Light Beige Xenon Rs8000 TRANSPARENT FULL FLOOR MATTING Xenon Rs1801 FULL FLOOR MATTING- VINYL- BLACK Xenon Rs1372 Bumper Protector Xenon Rs747 Scuff Plate Xenon Rs816Accessories List Price
  7. apvkt

    Tata Xenon

    seems like tata is selling in xenon in european countries as well... http://xenon.tatamotors.com/fla/
  8. Found a new blog ...seems like Fiat India's Official blog... have anyone came across this blog earlier...sports nice pictures of linea launch http://fiatforyou.com/
  9. Xylo will be available in as many as four variants. Xylo variants are e2,e4,e6 and e8. Xylo specification and variants