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  1. From the customers part, its not satisfactory....i think so. bcoz, new models are all postponed from 2008 to 2009(xylo, linea, punto, i20(finally launched yesterday))...swift's(it has its own cons) d only satisfied model with modern day looks, but its too not updated for last 2 years. still, same m800(25 yrs last long...still on), alto are best selling cars. overall, it gets boredom, in customer point of view..

  2. I think, u can worth wait for Hyundai i20. its launched today. may b on mid-jan 2009, they'll start their booking. so, u can go for it. its the best european car. it has style, milleage, performance n everything. i think, within 5lac(your budget) basic version i20 Magna, wil fit easily. so, go for i20, its totally 5 door car with a 5 sitting pretty easily.