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  1. Whats the matter? No one is considering Palio at all! Is it so bad?
  2. Buying my first car. Should be spacious, comfortable (for a family of 5 including my ageing parents), safe & low on maintenance. My running would mainly be on weekends, not more than 500 kms per month. Budget 4 to 4.5 L Vista Saffire OR Palio Stile OR Aveo UVA OR Getz Prime OR Something else Please advise.
  3. Is it true that a diesel car requires more maintenance than a petrol one? I want to buy my first car and my budget is around 5L. Details of my running pattern are given bellow. Can some one suggest me which car I should go for? Family Size 5 average built adults including aged parent. Running: About 5 kms in city for 4 days a week. 50 kms of highway for 2 days a week and 600 kms of highway once a fortnight. This car will remain with me for 4/5 years and will be self driven.