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  1. I think u shud i20.. According to ur requirements i guess its the best suited car for ya..
  2. I dont understand how people make conclusions like these before even looking at the car in Flesh.. Weird..
  3. C'mon the car has been launched in 2008 right so let it compete with other nominees.. At the end of the day its upon the Judges to decide the winner.. And i pretty much think it will be the COTY 2009...
  4. Exactly.. I m fine with both the interior combinations.. maybe we will get to choose between the two combinations.. maybe not.. anywez, i feel this is a very very attractive car and at a very reasonable price..definitely worth buying...
  5. One Question.. The interiors are black and beige right?? I read on some other forums that the interiors had some weird color combination. Personally, it looks pretty good to me. Could someone maybe post a few more pics..
  6. Its definitely goin to be i20.. Its priced well, offers loads of features that the other hatchbacks dont.. And ofcourse it looks amazing!!