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  1. Not very good pricing in my opinion. Petrol top variant at 8.2 lakhs does not even have safety optional. RXL 110 BHP at 10 lakhs and again with Airbags and ABS optional! The much bigger and powerful XUV will reign over it.
  2. Renault Duster Petrol Renault Duster RxE – 7.19 lakhs Renault Duster RxL – 8.19 lakhs Renault Duster Diesel Renault Duster RxE – 7.99 lakhs Renault Duster RxL 85 PS – 8.99 lakhs Renualt Duster RxL 110 PS – 9.99 lakhs Renault Duster RxZ 110 PS – 10.99 lakhs & 11.29 lakhs with the option pack Petrol variant dont have safety even as an option. In country like India people wont only compare it to Scorpio but other cars in the same price bracket like City Verna etc, which come loaded at 8.19 lakhs with Airbags+ABS.
  3. Force India have always come up with something good at Silverstone and I hope its the same this year, as they are still playing catch up with Sauber, after having come to terms with Williams with double points finish last race. As always, i will be supporting Alonso, but I feel Vettel will be the one to watch out for seeing his searing pace before retiring last race. The McLaren team will be hoping for an uneventful race, because nearly every race either they have a bad pit stop, strategy errors, or the get T-boned by a Williams car!
  4. Diesel AT are scarce in the market, there are Verna, Laura and I think Jetta of which only Verna costs less than 15 lakhs. Scorpio AT is very poor, nad an AT diesel hatch is not going to come to India anytime soon, since hatch is usually bought by budget conscious in India (i.e. if possible Indian tend to go for a sedan) and diesel is bought for efficiency and a diesel AT hatch ruins both these points and will cost at least 2 lakhs above the petrol manual version. I am guessing the problem you face is start stop traffic. I would suggest you buy a diesel car like Micra or Figo, which boast of zero turbo lag or Ertiga which has very good drivability in city with low no. of passengers. Duster launching on 4th of this month will also probably share this characteristic in the 86 bhp version engine shared with Sunny. The idea is to be able to drive with minimal no. of gear shift which these cars are capable of.
  5. XUV is the king only because of no competitor. If Maruti decided to bring the next Gen Grand Vitara not as CBU but manufacture it here, with a 1.9 DDiS engine from Fiat that powers it abroad, it has an extremely good chance of breaking the backs of not on XUV and Aria, but also threaten higher volume Safari and Scorpio.
  6. At 4.5L looking at the current scenario of discount on petrol cars, Wagon R is easily available. Among cars that look modern, Beat and i10 1.1 are also good cars, but I would prefer the safe havens of Maruti over them.
  7. Here is the Autocar review done abroad of this model 6 months ago.
  8. Read the Innova vs Ertiga comparison on Autocar Website. Fact that at 60% of the price, Ertiga was able to compete and held its own is a testament to wonderful engineering. Some quotes where Ertiga surprisingly triumphed: 1. About the rear seats The Ertiga
  9. Slightly OT I dont think you have seen the new Dio in its Matt Black Metallic avataar. Looks stunning, seems to have come out of the Batman set! The big thing here is the engine. How efficient and smooth engine Yamaha comes up with will be important. Also the two tone panel means highly unlikely it will be metal and would most probably be fiber like Honda Dio. Another thing that points towards a non metallic body is that this in Thailand is targeted towards fairer sex, which means light body.
  10. Great buy after a long wait! Congratulations, more experience expected to be shared
  11. Design wise, it looks pretty similar to Dio, which is also stunning. Twin shock absorbers effect needs to be seen, and also how the engine compares to the buttersmooth engine from the other two Japs namely Honda and Suzuki. Suzuki Access success has proved that if priced well, success is there to be had, and a chance exists to challenge Honda monopoly.
  12. While looking at petrol, you may want to look at Honda City. Far better value, more efficiency and a way better engine that Verna. There are also many offers going on and you would get free insurance, so at around 8.5 for EMT you will get a full featured sedan.
  13. More likely its a CVT. Honda has always unveiled engines before launching them.
  14. It looks like mid range version (LXi in the last pic, and Maruti in this segment has LX,LXI and VXI). I have a feeling this will be named Cervo. Indianised variant of Jap Cervo similar to what they did with Wagon R. I say this because none of the current entry level Maruti cars(Alto, A-Star, Wagon R, Estilo) have such aggressive lines, but Cervo does. Also its headlamp are big round ones quite like this spyshot. Not even a spot for Fog lamps indicates it will quite likely be an entry level car. Cost cutting can be seen by integrated headrests. The length of the rear door is certainly encouraging. But what is confusing is what is lying on top of the central console? The instrument cluster is at its usual position i.e in front of driver, so it has to be an MID on top of the central console which is even more confusing as it seems like the mid variant. They seemed to have hired design team of Swift, i10, i20 and Figo to cook something up. This car definitely looks a little bigger than Alto, my guess is "BANG ON E-ON"