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  1. Does anyone know the ground clearance for mercedes benz b-class diesel, as i've looked everywhere, but was unable to get it. THANKS.
  2. Guys just wondering what would be the indian car scene if diesel came to rs.60/lt. and petrol rs.70/lt. Honda sales would be crazy with more brio, city and cr-v on roads than micra, sunny and fortuner. Camry, teana and accord would again start making sense than A4, c class and 3 series. There would be a new mix of cars to see on the indian roads. What say, was just sharing a thought.
  3. Ever since its launch the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has had its own loyal fan-following due to its supreme off-road ability and the fact that it also plays the role of a luxury SUV very well being more modern that the iconic Pajero that was before it. However there is an increasing number of customers who want to have SUV's with automatic gearboxes which make them easy to live with in day to day driving. A perfect example being the Toyota Fortuner as with an automatic gearbox the Fortuner has found many takers. To tap into this market Mitsubishi will be launching the Pajero Sport automatic. The Pajero Sport with the 5-speed automatic will increase the sales of this butch looking SUV even more. Some months back Mitsubishi launched the Anniversary edition of the Pajero Sport and the launch of the automatic version is part of the plan to keep updating this SUV.
  4. I just read a news article on motortrend website that mitsubishi is launching pajero sport automatic soon. Has anyone else heard the same or is it just a rumour. As dealers are not confirming the same. THANKS!
  5. Since you are avoiding the city, i would suggest go for a used camry, accord or a teana. These cars have a very poor resale, so you can get a couple of years old model in your budget. One of my friends just bought an off white colour, 2011 top spec teana in mint condition for 10 lakhs. You can also go for a similar condition corolla or a civic at half your budget.
  6. Kindly advice, my cousin wants to buy a new suv in a couple of months in 20-30lakhs range. His requirements are 4x4, diesel, auto transmission and at least 550lt. Trunk volume. He is keen on a japanese make suv as he owned a forester and was really happy with the overall experince except for the chevrolet service which was bad due to the non availability of spares. His choices as in preferance are as follows: 1.fortuner but no auto in awd. but no diesel. 3.pajero sport but again no auto. 4.captiva, it has all the required features but spending money on something which is your last option doesn't make you feel all that great. Counting out santa fe because new one's coming next year and he doesn't like rexton's looks. So friends please advice which feature he should sacrifice among the first three and is captiva good enough among the competition or should he wait till one of the above models are launched with the missing feature. He likes to go off road and will be driving approx 20000kms annually. Thanks.
  7. That Sun that set 30yrs.ago rises again or only in name. Nissan wants to launch a small car without spoiling its name as a cheap car maker so datsun. But I think if they had launched this car under nissan brand they would have faced problems still in selling in this price bracket. As nissan although making wonderful cars like teana gives such an awful after sales. While this go segment is maruti dominated and the customer is less look oriented as the largest seliing car in india ie.alto tells us, what this customer wants besides reliability is good after sales and a good resale value in the car. What I think is nissan should prove itself over toyota before taking its battle with the king of the indian jungle "maruti suzuki" in the finals. Then they can name the car under any banner datsun or dissun.
  8. top 3 as per my choice 2.maruti
  9. I've heard b class diesel is going to be launched on 11th july, it's quite a spacious car and with a good usable and expandable boot. Does anyone know its ground clearance?
  10. I would suggest passat, it is the largest selling med-large car in the world and overall the fifth largest seling car in the world. so that proves its reliabilty also. if you can consider suvs then fortuner and cr-v is also a good choice in your budget.
  11. if you are looking for a snob badge with comfortable interiors, i would suggest you check out the merc's m250. it's the newest and the most spacious among the competition. an all new freelander is coming very soon, but only if you are ready to wait a few months.
  12. With Rexton, endeavour, captiva and Santa fe, all offering 4x4 with AT and also the new Santa fe arriving in a couple of months will be hopefully having it, I think it's high time Toyota should launch this model. There might be many buyers who want a true 4x4 with a convenience of an AT and are looking elsewhere from Toyota.
  13. Are there any plans to launch awd fortuner with AT, as it is already available in thailand.