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  1. Guys, My Bro in law met with an accident in his Scorpio and the car in a total loss condition. Insurance claim has been sent to the bank ( new india Insurance company ). I am totally surprised by the the procedure the dealer informed us and need expert advice on the same. Issue : Dealer have made us signed a quotation of the repair ( cost is whooping 13lacs ) where the actual OTR was 11.53lacs Ex nashik . Current IDV is 8.53lacs. As per dealer we would need to pay the dealer 3% commission on the Estimate and Rs 200 per ay till the car is with them. My concern: 1. How can estimate of repair is 13lacs when OTR is less than 12lacs for a new car of the same varient ( VLX) 2. Why should we consider the estimate ? whats the dealer role here ? 3. Why should we pay him commission 3% on the repair estimate when we are not going to repair the car and claiming total loss 4. If at all we need to pay the dealer , Why should we pay 3% on estimate which has no relevance , IDV and claim amount to be considered here! Experts please advice here as how do we deal in such situation , i do not want him to be cheated by dealer