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  1. Guys, My Bro in law met with an accident in his Scorpio and the car in a total loss condition. Insurance claim has been sent to the bank ( new india Insurance company ). I am totally surprised by the the procedure the dealer informed us and need expert advice on the same. Issue : Dealer have made us signed a quotation of the repair ( cost is whooping 13lacs ) where the actual OTR was 11.53lacs Ex nashik . Current IDV is 8.53lacs. As per dealer we would need to pay the dealer 3% commission on the Estimate and Rs 200 per ay till the car is with them. My concern: 1. How can estimate of repair is 13lacs when OTR is less than 12lacs for a new car of the same varient ( VLX) 2. Why should we consider the estimate ? whats the dealer role here ? 3. Why should we pay him commission 3% on the repair estimate when we are not going to repair the car and claiming total loss 4. If at all we need to pay the dealer , Why should we pay 3% on estimate which has no relevance , IDV and claim amount to be considered here! Experts please advice here as how do we deal in such situation , i do not want him to be cheated by dealer
  2. Hi Girish, Welcome to the most exciting forum on the web. you will find many knowledgeable friends here. I am from Nashik too! have a fantastic journey
  3. i second your opinion, The plastic bumper works both ways It ensures the pedestrian hit by gets the minimum injury and second it absorb shock, thus protect inside passengers too. There is a wrong perception build around the the bull guards / Steel Crash guards that it will protect the vehicle from damage if met with an accident, however it will never. The intensity of impact and jerk would be severely increased due to inability of the guard to absorb shock. The damage to the vehicle as well as the persons inside will be severe. There is a need to spread awareness about this facts, i see people go mad about putting such guards on the vehicles.
  4. The Landy looks great. The front is awesome, but i doubt this would be launched in india
  5. Congrats buddy..! Manza is a Good car and a great VFM package. The best car from TATAs stable
  6. How much S drive cost you? where did u got it from, are they japnese or philipines?
  7. I dont think anybody is shy here about TATA or MAHINDRA..! Its just when we are talking about the products its pros and cons , the Fit and finish of the CARS of these indian car makers is always found compromised. compromise is in indian pschycology . TATA and MAHINDRA knows this, whenever they present a model internationally , it is totally different than the one they sell to INDIAN masses. The products are used by common Indian people who really doesnt care about the plastic quality or dashboards.. the ABS, EBD and airbags , power windows are still a luxury for most of the people. Its the segment they cater and they are strategic at their places. you will see the change when TATA will present JAGUAR and LR to indian people, its for a different segment and those will be world class products. For example check Indica VISTA anniversary edition, its a definately good car in all has a leather finish dual tone dash and the quality of interior is just amazing. now again its a TATA.
  8. Swift VXI May 2007 ( Pearl artic white/ Upgraded to 195/65 R 14 yokohama tyres / 30000km) ( Poor plastic quality, Rattling , Cramped rare seat ) Pros : Sporty Great looks Good FE Good Handling Equally good and sporty on Highway driving, Good Cabin space and seating position. Rev friendly engine and lighter steering
  9. Your detail of requirements woud be best searved by SWIFT VXI. OR Even a RITZ . Go for any one amongst
  10. 205/50 r15 isnt the right upgrade i guess,( 205/55 R15 ) just check on tyre upsize calculator befor u buy them. profile lower than 60 may have serious implication on indian roads as potholes and uneven road may damage the RIM n your ride also will be harsh. Yokohama A drive are silent tyres with good handling n traction on road, it cost me 3500 per tyre at Indore. i dont have alloys. Morever it looks great on the CAR , the car looks more solid and stable on road.
  11. Hi, Just today i have upsized my VXI to YOKOHAMA A Drive 195/65 R14 I chose it over Micheline and Bridgestone.. ! You should go for 195/60- R15 if planning for Alloys. In this range YOKO Micheline Bridgestone Turanza ER60 Goodyear Eagle F1 would be available option for you.
  12. Superb! But front bonnet shouldnt have been done, U must add bottom spoilers
  13. Congrats Prabhat, Nice choice.. enjoy your swift experience. also check swift life website of maruti to tag your car. its pretty good.