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  1. GLX 1.3 does have a armrest at driver seat. I just got one 3 weeks back. The armrest however was a little disappointing, as its too low and you can't rest your elbow on it while you are holding the wheel.
  2. I want to get a sunfilm installed in sides and rear. Thinking about getting a entry level 3M ( 50% visibility sides and 75% visibility back). What is a good place to get these installed in banglaore?
  3. Thanks everyone, I have decided not to go for seat covers for now.
  4. I am changing tyres just to get tubeless ( for safety), so don't want to upgrade for a biiger size. The price is the difference I have to pay to get 5 new tyres and give my stock good year tyres. For balancing the dealer said they give one free if its steel rims, for my alloys they have to use some special weights so they charge rs 100 a pop. I am really confused between Touranza and A drives. My biggest concern is possiblity of internal cut/bulging on A drives.
  5. To replace the new good year 175/65 14 tube tyres with yokohoma A drive a shop in bangalore is quoting 3100 rs for all 5 tyres and 500 rs for wheel balancing. Bridgestones are (5000 + 500). Does the yokohoma deal look ok?
  6. Just got new getz, and boy keeping those beige interiors is going to be very tough. I would need to put cloth seat covers. Are there any brands or places in Bangalore that are specially good for that ( may get them custom stiched so that they fit nicely, or do the ready made once are good enough).
  7. Thanks that make sense. If the car isn't going to be used much does the branded muffler(MGP) required, or non MGP should be good enough. the price is more than double for MGP one.
  8. My old esteem threw tantrums last weekend. In the middle of the drive it became jerky, with lot of smoke coming out of exhaust, and using lot of fuel. It probably used up 10L of fuel for 50km trip. UM Cars looked at it today. He says two things 1) The muffler has blown up, costs 4500 for a MGP one and 1800 for non MGP one. 2) Some sensor on the engine is not working, they are still trying to figure out which one. I asked the service person what will be the side effect if don't fix the muffler. He said there will be some sound (that is expected), but there will also be drop in mileage. I wanted to confirm with people here about the second part. Can a damaged muffler really affect car mileage? Asking as I am getting a new car soon, and wont be using this car much, so only want to get most important repairs.
  9. No I was thinking more of PU leather, don't prefer leather. If they cover only the rim how are custom made better than the like s of Gsport and Pro grip?
  10. Any idea of how much does it cost, how long does it take, and where in Bangalore can I get this done. Do they cover only the rim or do they cover the spokes also?
  11. Yep will surely consider Bridgestone Tourenza. Does anybody have any experience with Yokohoma tyres? Would A drives or C drives serve my purpose. Also comparing the Bridgestone with Yokohoma which better VFM considering quality, warranty and mileage.
  12. I want to get some good quality steering cover. Ideal one would be 1) Doesn't get hot 2) has good grip 3) Is soft 4) Preferably not leather. 5) Something that looks nice ( like the stiched kind). Any recommendations on what to get, and possilbly from where in Bangalore?
  13. I just booked a Getz GLX. It comes with 175/65 R15 tube tyres. Now as soon at I get car I want to switch to tubeless tyres of the same size. ( don't want to upsize.). Things important to me are: 1) Made for running on bad roads ( bangalore roads). 2) Comfort. 3) Reasonably priced I was thinking about Michelin Xm1+, but read that they too soft for poor roads, and develop bulges. Any suggestions on which tyres should I go for, and what should be the apx price, and if there are any good place in Bangalore to do the exchange?