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  1. Hi. Sir my m800 a/c is behaving in wierd manner . Its a sanden 507 unit . The pipes which carries hot gas has started carring cold and vice versa . When restarted d circulation again gets change . The evaporator coil however always get cold gar in any one of two pipes but it don't cool the car . Is gar pressure low ? The drier window sometimes show fog and sometimes transparent liquid . What is the problem wid my a/c . I am going to show it but need ur expert comment first . Guys try to reply today pleas
  2. hey guys out there. i m collecting roadtest of old cars(you can take it as my hobbie or craze for cars) can any one pls tell me that from where on net i can find roadtest of cielo.astra,sienaetc etc ..................pleas any one ???
  3. Thats what i'l have writen in ma question ford's edura engines also found on older 1.3 verision of ikom
  4. i-10(kappa)or i-20 is bst VFM n lng trm . Rest ur choice , 1 should test drive cars and see which suits most . Aboue 1 liter is adequate .
  5. Thnx cyrus . I got it . The push rod systm got it all upside down . Thnx again !
  6. Hey guys i have following questions for you :- 1. Wat is the meaning of OHV ? 2. What is the difference between OHV n SOHC(i know what sohc is) ? Or are they are same thing ? 3. Is OHV same thing as push rods found in old ambys, fiats n ford's eduras ? Pls answer these
  7. Hey guyz m new 2 fourm . We own a 11 yr old m-800 . It has a retrofit sanden a/c . D problm wid it is dat its a/c gas gets leaked aftr evry 2-3 season . N every time d culprit is compressor seal. We hv shwn it 2 reputed mass n dey sys dat its due 2 outer condnsr/radiator 4 heat discharg is far away frm cmpressor(at rear behind bumper/blw spare wheel area ) . The cmpresr gts straind as it hs 2 wrk mr n as a rslt d cmprsor seal breaks . They sys dat it'l ractify by placin cndnsor at its orignl place(front) n cooling wil also improve . Dey demands 5k 4 d job . Is it right diagnose is der ne oder problm ?
  8. Go 4 i10 or santro . Thy wud b bst VFM 4 u . Swift is also gud but cramped at rear . N dn't go 4 a diesl car since it need 1500km/mnth .
  9. As far as i knw in terms of acceleration , HC is only fraction of sec quicker . Acc 2 roadtst both r capable of doin a ton in 10 sec . Bout FE expec HC 2 gv 11-12 in city n 16-17 in highwy n 13 in city n bout 18-19 4 verna . Cmfrt wud b bettr in HC rest i hv no propr knwldge . N bout diesel 1 shud b doin above 1500km/mnth.