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    ksgulyani got a reaction from ashishjaiman in Hyundai Fluidic Verna Bluetooth Update Required   
    Hi Experts,
    I own Hyundai Verna Fluidic. Launched in 2011, it was feature loaded. But mp3 play over Bluetooth did not support change of tracks via controls on steering or audio system. 
    Although there is a hack of Apple users to use iPod cable received with the same but it would be nice to have controls change songs via Bluetooth. Android users have no luck here. 
    In 2014, Fluidic verna received a small upgrade where the same music system’s software was updated and supported the change track functionality. 
    How can I update my system to this latest firmware? Firmware update requires USB / CD. 
    We can check firmware by -
    Turn off radio
    Long Press 1. Keep 1 pressed and now press 6. 
    To enter setup - Long press 1 and then press 4. Leave 1 and 4 simultaneously and immediately press 1 four times. Press 2 to update firmware OR press 5 to update Bluetooth. 
    My firmware is :
    S/W : v1.00.GEN
    EEPROM : RB20KG47
    BT : 3.12.2 VERNA
    Can someone help me update the system? Also can someone follow same steps and post verions in their verna?
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    ksgulyani got a reaction from VET5 in New MG Hector SUV   
    MG has ticked all the right boxes. Price, Features, Panoramic Sunroof, Connected Car Tech, Loads of Chrome (very tastefully done), punchy engines with hybrid and DCT gearbox. One thing missing is enthusiastic driving experience. But how many actually want that in India? Very few. So MG has gone with the trend to provide plush and superior experience rather than for people who love handling while driving
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    ksgulyani got a reaction from VET5 in vitara to india?   
    Maruti can launch the new Vitara to take on Creta. It would retail through NEXA outlets. It is doubtful if S-cross will stay or would be replaced. But Vitara would definitely be priced higher than S-Cross.
    Previous Vitara could not make a mark as the segment was not evloved then and it was an import making prices too high. 
    Now is the right time to get this vehicle. We have seen SUVs are preferred over crossovers. So Vitara is a must bring SUV with All Grip System
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    ksgulyani got a reaction from rki in Planning a Car under 15L!! Need your help!!   
    Hyundai delays things always! Even I have had the same experience. On the flip side, Chevrolet which is no longer in India provided a 4 days TAT in replacing bonnet, door, fender and lights with other internal repairs after an accident last week. 
    And Maruti is always the winner in these regards.