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  1. Hi, This is to inform you that I have been assigned a research project/dissertation paper of the title " Analysis of competitive ads in automobiles in the Indian market - Are They Giving The True Picture ? " I am PG student at IIMC, New Delhi in Advertising & PR. I need help regarding the ads which feature comparative analysis with competitive models like Ford Fiesta Classic vs Swift Dzire VDi feature comparison ad. Thanks.
  2. Only Mahindra can give such features in a sedan, thanks to their SUV/MUV credentials. Afterall these years, it is proved once again that manufacturers donot do proper surveys for a particular product and thereby include some no-sense equipments(read termed as features) to draw or to get attention of consumers.I still dont understand the proper functionality of giving ski racks and side claddings in a sedan like Logan(aka Verito).Mahindra should understand that it is a sedan and it competes with other sedans not Suvs!!! Now i understand clearly the reason why Renault left the JV.
  3. After seeing the above picture, it seems Maruti Suzuki has taken an oath to produce more uglier models then their predecessors. This looks like a Swift Dzire Compact Sedan variant.The present model looks better than this new model which i guess will be based on the all new Swift.The rear spoiler or lip in the boot looks hideous.Maruti should have reatained the current length of the outgoing Dzire which would have gelled well with the overall length of the New Swift .I wonder how it will compete with Indigo Manza,Ford Fiesta Classic, Nissan Sunny,all new Skoda Rapid in terms of interior space,fit and finish and overall refinement.Looks like Maruti will introduce the beige interiors in New Dzire as per the scoop pic. I hope it doesnt start competing with its sibling, the New Swift swiftvxi062011-04-26 09:12:32
  4. Finally my dream is a reality.Thanks to the world's best team.The World is now in India's pocket.
  5. Breaking News : India defeated Pakistan and since Mohali is close to the Indo-Pak border,they reached home in rickshaws!!! swiftvxi062011-03-31 05:22:14
  6. Salute to the PM of Pakistan Mr. Gilani who came to India to take his cricket team back home personally.. Wow.. PM ho to aise...Jai Hind!! swiftvxi062011-03-31 05:19:07
  7. We did it. only if we can beat Sri Lanka then my dream will turn into reality, "1983 revisited in 2011 " Lets hope for the best .!!!
  8. When the Maruti OMNI mated with a Tata Ace, the DOST is formed!! Look closely, the DOST has alloy wheels too!!!
  9. Today is the most important match for India. Lets hope for the best and wish the Indian Cricket team on behalf of ACI Forum team. "Make the most of yourself,for that is all there is of you" -Ralph Emerson. swiftvxi062011-03-30 05:29:14
  10. @tejasmehta990 : I asked the sales guy about the FE claim of 25KMPL and he said its a marketing gimmick!!! When I asked him about the real mileage in Kolkata's busy roads, he said it will give around Rs15-18KMPL in city and 20KMPL in highway (I assume that the figures said were without A/c figures!!) .And one of my Dad's friend had a 2006 Indica XETA GVS. he sold the car because of poor fuel economy, 8-9KMPL in city.!! Is it true tejas ? @ Mods : I request the ACI team to bring a full test report of the Indica e V2 LX so that we can see whether the 25KMPL claim is true or not.
  11. The New Indica looks identical to the City Rover which was sold in UK.Its a good car but would have been happy if the top model(LX) was priced at Rs.4.30-4.50lakhs on road instead of the steep Rs5.45Lakhs on road Kolkata..!!!
  12. What Rs 40,000 for those cheap front grill, chrome side strips and a chrome rear deck lid.!!!!!!!They could have rather introduced a 1.4 Crdi varaint for that price increase..The previous Accent was a VFM product for its price, now its totally opposite scenario. Its better to discontinue it rather than selling it for such a huge price increase,that too without any important engine or mechanical change!! . Post edited: Emoticon usage restricted. BornFree2011-03-27 03:37:31
  13. New Indica e V2 LX(Top Model) Pics:
  14. @Mods: please explain what is the slight difference of headlamps between Polo and Vento.
  15. Guys, have you noticed something, I guess the above picture may have been photo shopped because if you refer back to the scoop pics of the 5 Seater Xylo, you can see that the rear tail lights of the new variant has moved up and now its at the same level as that of the rear widscreen and the reverse lights have been incorporated into the bumper, But in the scoop picture by Velocity Mag, the Xylo 5 Seater has the same set of tail lights as seen in the current variant. How can this be possible!!! Its a fake picture.They just took a snap of a normal Mahindra Xylo and reduced its length using PS.
  16. I think the top of the end Nano LX should have left hand side ORVM as standard fitment because its difficult to drive without the Left hand side ORVM. Plus the ORVMs in Nano LX, should be internally adjustable.
  17. Now, I know why your gf gets angry with you? You wrote the above post at 6:05 am !!!!!
  18. Some weird modifications pics : M&M Bolero: Hyundai Verna Opel Astra: Pics source : facebook.com
  19. Hi, auto experts can someone tell me what is the slight difference in headlamp design of VW Vento and VW Polo. I am uploading some pics.Please explain the difference. Pic courtesy :Carwale
  20. Ya absolutely. I have noted down your point regarding Shireen Bhan and its true dude.
  21. Hey Bro, As far as i remember,75% of the girls that i know are accurate about the info on latest techs of cars, their model line ups, tech specs!!! Ya. it really feels nice talking to such auto enthusiasts.Lady auto enthusiasts worth admiring are Ms.Renuka Kripalini of ACI, Shireen Bhan of Overdrive(though she acts as hosts in other non auto programs too!!) swiftvxi062011-03-21 18:24:51