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  1. Dear all, I have given my vehicle for 60 k service . Service advisor has reported that the Brake bads and Brake Discs are worn out. Brake disc thickness is 22 mm which is very less according to him. I am aware the Brake pads actually do need replacement but total cost for Brake pads and Brake Disc is comming close to 45k. My vehicle is of 2009 i really dont want to spend almost 50k only on brakes. Kindly advise what are after market options available in Mumbai
  2. Got the 4th 30,000km service done for my vehicle . cost 7.7k aprx includes Oil change(Mineral Oil) Egr Valve clean and other regular stuff
  3. Anukur keep it up!! You have been contributing continuously .. GReat!!
  4. Yea this is mostly true.. Also European cars are often more fun to drive as they handle better .. European cars have comparatively complicated to have them repaired locally ..
  5. cost of alloys indicated by you are for 14- 15 inch for smaller size the cost reduces substantially in my view you should be able to get something around 12k - 15k
  6. I had written to Maruti about the uneven wear of break pads, They will mostly refund 50% of the break pad cost. One more thing i wanted to check with New Dzire owners is the Suspension. I think the suspension Travel of the new dzire is very less , as a result when vehicle is fully loaded while driving on highway and if you go over a bump which is not a pot hole but often just a slight depression on our Indian highways. The rear suspension seems to run out of breath as in it has a very short suspension travel.
  7. There was a change of from break pads due to uneven wear .. I expected this to be covered under warranty but the dealer charged me for it. I have attached the bill so u can have a detailed look at the expenses
  8. Got my vehicle serviced for 20,000 km costed a whooping 11k who says Maruti's are cheap to maintain ??
  9. Am already using alloys for my LDI .. its running on 195/60/R15 Using Prestige brand of alloys which is and average brand you can go for better brands like lenso be ready to spend around 18 to 22 k
  10. I meant zxi & zdi compared to its cheaper variants have bigger tyre 185 for ZXI & ZDI other 165
  11. Hey thanxx It seems to be the same but I wonder y clutch n transmission fluid is recommended for a replacement Generally transmission fluid has long life
  12. Dzire zdi has bigger tyres hence lower psi for smaller tyre psi is higher I have upgraded my tyres on my dzire and I use 29 psi
  13. My manual seems to be for the last gen swift.. Can u check ur manual
  14. Ok.. I had given my vehicle for denting painting, I asked the guy to find out the service cost as the car has done 18k already. He informed me it will cost 9k Is Maruti going Skoda way or it the server advisor trying to get some good incentives?? However, I checked the manual and its adviced to change engine coolant , Transmission differential oil, Clutch fluid, break fluid, Fuel filter and water draining. I really doubt if all above is necessary.
  15. Hey .. Is ur vehicle done with 20k service? If so pls share parts changed and coat of service
  16. hello everyone, Yesterday when I cranked my car with the headlights ON I got a feeling that the battery is about to die. I am sure the battery has already lived its life as my Altis is not 4.5 yrs old. However, I have not got it checked by a professional as yet. I already considered buying a new battery w/o being sure if this is dead, since I have found about various options available in the market I thought of sharing it with you. The options available for 45Ah batteries (after exchange and discount) were as follows: 1) Exide 6700 (Warranty 30+30 Months) 2) Amaron 5950 (Warranty 30+30 Months) 3) Bosch 6100 (Warranty 30+30 Months) other options were Ac Delco, Tata Green, SF, Okaya, Base Terminal Can anyone advise which is better considering that i wont be keeping the car for more than 3 Yrs . thanx
  17. Hey .. None of u are looking forward to participate in this event??
  18. Hey guys there is an event in which am sure all of you will be interested. THE AUTOCROSS RALLY BY MARUTI ON 16, 17 TH NOV 2013 IN MUMBAI So who is participating? If you have any further info about the same do post here. PROGRAMME Opening of Standard Entries with the publication of these regulations  At Northern Motorsport office, F 8 & 9, Sector 8, Noida  At the website of Maruti Suzuki  At our website : www.motorsport.in Friday 15 November 2013 At the Autocross Venue at Mumbai 1000 hrs.to 1700 hrs. Document Verification & Scrutiny of Standard entries 1700 hrs. Closing of Standardentries 1800 hrs Publication of Standard Entry List Saturday 16 November 2013 At the Autocross Venue at Mumbai 1000 hrs. Drivers Briefing 1000 to 1700 hrs. Document verification &Scrutiny of Late entries 1000 hrs.to 1700 hrs. Qualifying Rounds Up to 1700 hrs. Closing of Late Entries (subject to availability) 2000 hrs. Publication of qualifying results Sunday 17 November 2013 At the Autocross Venue at Mumbai 0800 hrs. onwards Final Rounds 1600 hrs. Post event Scrutiny 1600 hrs. Posting of Provisional Results 1630 hrs. Publication of Official Final Classification 1700 hrs. Prize Distribution OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD The Official notice board will be located at: From opening of entries till17 October 2013 At Northern Motorsport office, F 8 & 9, Sector‐ 8, NOIDA, UP 201 301 From 18October 2013 At the Autocross Venue, IMAX Theatre, Wadala, Mumbai. The official website: www.motorsport.in SR-MS-AX-Mumbai-FMSCI-Approved1.pdf
  19. @rajesh Hey good to know u liked the place.. Which car do you have and which treatment did u opt for and wht was the price.. Kindly share did u get any discounts?
  20. Hey dr Just wanted to knw whts the tyre pressure ur maintaining ?? Am having a 195/60 R15 and I find the ride lil bumpy with 30 psi in front and 29 at rear.. Whts ur experience?