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  1. could u give me the mail address of the crm. i was searching for white wall tyre for my amby mark2 searched every where but no success, just went thru this site saw ur response was happy to c it could u help me with it i am from mangalore karnataka
  2. thanks for the feed back..............i ve heard of force motors gurkha. can u all tell me ur opinion about gurkha. how is that vehicle
  3. we hava an amby .planning to take a family vehicle.we need a family vehicle 6 to 7 people cum luggage space . sittting capacity .we travel almost 2 to 3k km per month some times even more. ned off road as well as high way .cum city vehicle . i know its difficult to get all these things in one. my budget is 6.5 lakhs. 1. shuld have gud milage. 2. planing to keep it for more than 10 yrs. 3. easy maintainance. 4. off road ,um city cum high way vehicle..... a. sumo b. bolero. c. force motors .gurkha or any other vehicles. diesel....................self driven........please help.
  4. can u suggest where can i find them
  5. we have 1973 mark 3 ambassador .with matador diesel engine ..................we travel almost 2ooo km a mth .now the problem is there are no proper gud amby mechanics, can any one suggest how can i improve my amby performance ,improve millage and pick up. is there any web site where i can get full details of amby .regarding parts and service .............how do i take care to get gud performance .its our family car .self driven