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  1. Guys, I went for Hella Red Grill for my Hyundai Verna. I checked both sounds (Roots and Hella) and I went for Hella. It's very good for sedans and size fits perfect.
  2. Guys, Without doubt, go for Hella. I went for it and oh my god so good yaar.
  3. Hi Puneet, I wanted to go for it too but I am confused because many suggested me that the clarity won't be as good as you get from CD. They told me that MP3 CD effect is not there in this product. Can you clarify... Thanks
  4. Hi Sudeep Thanks for the info. I am planning to go for your way only as I am worried of any wire tamperings. Thanks...
  5. Guys, I need expertise advice on the following: I came to know that there are two ways to fix sun film for the doors. One is stick film directly without removing the glass out of door. Second is remove glass from door and then fix film on it. I have been told that removing glass and fixing film will last longer than first method. Is it true? Which is the best method I should go?
  6. Guys, I checked Roots website and found these models: Vibromax with 120 dB(A) Sound Pressure Level (NEW MODEL) VIbrosonic with 110 dB(A) Pair Sound Pressure Level Vibrosonic Delux with 115 dB(A) Pair Sound Pressure Level Supersonic Delux with 115 dB(A) Pair Sound Pressure Level Megasonic with 125 dB(A) Sound Pressure Level The reason I mentioned Sound Pressure Level (SPL) for all models is because I have been told that the more SPL is more sound. Correct me if I am wrong. Also do I have to go for Melody Maker? Is it worth???
  7. It's for my Hyundai Verna car. My dealer says it doesn't come with warranty. Can you suggest me better model in Roots if this is not good?
  8. Guys, How is Roots Vibrosonic? Is it good? What should I need to look for before going for this model?
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I am going to fix sun film with my dealer itself for Rs.4000 which is also same outside shops in Bangalore. Also I am going for Hella Grilled Horn for Rs.1850 with my dealer itself because I don't want to loose wiring warranty by fixing outside. Thanks again fellas.
  10. Yes TSR. I am installing film on the side windows and the rear glass. So is this good price???
  11. Hi Guys, My dealer is quoting Rs.1850 for Hella with no warranty. He's adding it as additional horn. He said that if there is any problem, he would fix it. He doesn't have roots or air horns with him. I checked with all Hyundai dealers, it's same reply. Your thoughts???
  12. Hello Friends, I am planning go for extra horn for my Hyundai Verna car. I have few questions regarding this: 1. Hella or Roots? Which one is good and life long? Any warranty? 2. What's the price? 3. Where can I fix it in Bangalore?
  13. Guys, 1. My car dealer is charging Rs. 4000 for RE-35 3M Sun film. Is this correct price or costly in Bangalore? 2. I have decided to go for G-Sports Artificial Leather. Is there any brand better than G-Sports?
  14. Guys, I also came across about Karlsson leather which is Indira Nagar, Bangalore. I read in TeamBhp forum that they are equally and better than Stanley. URL is Any ideas about this... Also where can I fix RE35 3M Sunfilm in Bangalore? Any idea cost of this film in Bangalore? I wanted to do it with dealer itself thinking that they would do the installation. But later came to know that 3M guys are doing it there too. I am worried about one thing that is as you all know that Verna has all sensors and wiring like power window, locking system, etc in door panel. I am afraid whether 3M dealers or outsiders would do properly. My dealer told me that if anything goes wrong than I won't get wiring warranty if done outside. Need advice guys...
  15. Hi I have decided to go for G-Sport. May I know where I can find G-Sport PU Seat Covers in Bangalore?