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  1. thanks freinds


    so it means 1.1 litre or at max 1.2 should be quite enough for teh requirement as i have small family (2 adults and 2 kids).


    now there is another confusion which i request to please bail me out


    i can see lot of engine variants in teh market.......


    somebody call it kappa, vtec, dcor,  common rail  and god knows what....


    does it really has some meaning for a normal dirver in terms of maintenance and performance is it just marketing gimmicks....?????????/



  2. i am looking for a new car

    after visiting many showrooms and latest models i am confused about one thing....there are models with various engine 1.1 litre to 1.6 litre and so on


    how much litre engine i should go for...presently i won maritu 800 and need serious upgradation


    i do max of 20 km of city driving and once a month highway-long trip


    pl adivce me so that i do not buy over capacity nor i want to lag behind