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  1. Well Sandeep my suggestion is to go for palio multijet engine !! its really an awsome car !
  2. well harry thts wht shocked me tht even at such a high speed it was not shaky !! otherwise u can pull any car upto 150 !! thts y i can say that spark is better than santro in few regards !!
  3. well bro as far as the engine is concerned ....... i think that spark's engine is fantastic !! its gives a peppy and smooth drive in city and stable and easy to pull at high speeds on highway !! after first service of my car at 1000 km i have many times take it beyond 140 to 145 km/hr speed very easily !! first time it shocked me when i noticed that the i was easily driving my car on highway and in speedometer it was almost near 150 kms/hr. my frn who was with me has a swift and he was also shocked with Spark's smooth and stable performance on highway at such a high speed !! i m just loving it !!
  4. Well frns today i took a test drive of my frns new i10............well frankly saying ,all i was impressed with was it beige interiors and nothing else...........pick was good but suspension was not tht good..............steering position was good but gear shifting i found quite hard as compared to my Spark..........even rear seat comfort was not that good ................all i can say is that its truly a over priced and hyped car ....nothing else !!!
  5. hey frns did you see the Punto was it ???
  6. ban them completely they do not only cause accidents but they also treat their passangers as normal objects and force them to stand or sit in a ver congested manner...........i have experienced it many tmes so i know very well about it...........its like hell !!
  7. hey bro thanks a lot for posting these pics!!! they are awsome............please post some more pics ...........
  8. Well friends which one is better, tubeless from Appolo or MRF ??
  9. Obviously Getz would not have such a good resale value like Santro or Swift or any other car being compared in this thread ..........but it would be relatively good !!!
  10. Ya FRG please try to post as many pics in this forum as you can ......
  11. Dear Illusion.mental , i think i can make it simple for u ..........Getz 1.1 L was in my list as well so i did a lot of research on it .....i am in delhi and we have a lot many flyovers here......a Getz 1.1L with four people and AC find it quite difficult to climb a flyover same thing happens while overtaking many cars on a highway because it involves lot many gear changes.......overall its an underpower car which can be good for a city drive ,but not good for high ways....... Though it has same 1.1 L engine of Santro with little improved power of 66.6 BHP (as compared to 63 Bhp of Santro) being it 200 kg heavier than Santro results into a bad power to weight ratio ..... So if you are satisfied with the mileage figures of Getz 1.3 L then I think you should go for it .............Cheers !!
  12. Well my Bro first tell us about your requirements.........what is the apporx distance you would be covering every month, you prefer power or mileage..........etc etc. only then we can provide you with best suggestions!!
  13. Ya i totally agree with saladin !! he is right !! well even my vote goes for looks and style its just amazing !!!