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  1. Good chaoice. What is the On road price? When you are getting the delivery? Thanks
  2. My choice NXG i10 for its look & Latest VTi tech engine. Why Swift 1.2 not considred?. I think engine change done in 2010 only.
  3. My choice is chennai +Ve are 1. Sea Port 2. Exclusive Elevated road to port (Work in progress) 3. Near by Internatiaonl airport 4. Good government support (I think gujarat is in No-1) 5. Freindly people 6. Less terror threats -ve 1. Power (electric) shortage 2. Poor Rail connection 3. Less Sub-urban development 4. Less public transport facility 5. Poor city traffic condition
  4. Hello all ? Did any one counted the number of models in this sales list? If not count now. Its unbelievable. Once upon a time only two models ruled indian roads
  5. Hello bluesapphire How about Oct'09 sales details?
  6. You guys are discussing about this or this I like the second model?. Is it coming for sales
  7. Go for santro. I am having the same and never let me down any time. Also less maintenance cost. Very comfortable seats for 5 adults Also I took an new bi-cycle in the boot by folding the rear seats.
  8. Hello ROYM5, No one is the permanent winner, it will change time to time. For example assume that you are in the running race and you running at first place. Can you relax for some time?. then you will loose your position. Like that all the companies making revolution and winning at some times. Why not REVA in your list, REVA will become like maruti in 2030 at that can you say REVA made revolution in india?
  9. @ bluesapphire. Excellent info , repeat every month
  10. I voted for i20, because of its looks, 5* safety & unique CRDI engine. All other cars using national engine, but suceeded only in swift. why?
  11. Is it to compete with NANO? Interiors looks like that
  12. @ creativebala, In your point of view my first one is,