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  1. Will try to take it and upload...
  2. Yes its Maruti Deluxe with A/C, Seat belts etc. It has green color. So i suppose the price i should quote is Rs. 25k?
  3. Hey All! Not sure whether this is the correct forum to post this query. I have 1987 model (new version) Maruti 800 car which i am planning to sell in the market. It is in a good running condition. What could be the price that it would fetch me? Please give your inputs. Thanks.
  4. thanks for ur replies. if this was because of oil leakage or oil consumption issue then i should have seen it happening more frequently isnt it ? in 4 months time i have only seen it happening twice, in cloudy conditions and on ghat section otherwise no issues.... that is leaving me confused...
  5. thanks for your reply guys. the interesting point here is that it does not happen everyday whether the engine is cold or warm. it only happened couple of times when i was in the ghat section of the highway where i could see some white color smoke/vapor being spewed out for a couple of minutes or so and then it went off. first time i observed was around 1 month back and then the second one came last week. there was no loss of power in the vehicle or anything like that. at both the times as mentioned earlier weather was cool with lot of clouds and also was raining a bit.
  6. Should i take the vehicle to the servicing center ??
  7. Hi Guys, I have Swift VXI about around 4 months old with 1st servicing done. On my recent couple of trips on the highways i observed that i could see some white colored smoke coming out from my swift's tailpipe for minute or two..then it just disappeared..that got me bit worried. But on both the occasions the climate was pretty cloudy and cooler. Now i am not sure whether it was smoke or vapour which was being spewed out? Any insights into this? Please help. Thanks.
  8. hey i hope this wont happen because i just booked my swift vxi !!!
  9. yes vxi does not come with factory fitted music system.
  10. Hi Guys, I have booked Swift Vxi and wanted your opinions about accessories given below for this car. 1. Parking Sensors - Are they useful ? 2. Anti-rust Spray - Is it required? 3. Audio System - Please recommend a decent audio system with MP3/USB. Budget around 10k-12k max. 4. Remote central locking. - I believe this is required in any case. Please comment. Thank you. Please comment.
  11. ok so its safe to assume swift owners need not worry on the new norms and need no spend from their pockets to upgrade their vehicles?
  12. I wanted to know that since Bharat Stage - IV will come in effect in 2010...does swift comply to those norms or it is only BS III compliant? Will the it create any issue in 2010 for the swift owners? Thanks in advance.FuelRunGod2009-03-11 06:40:41
  13. sorry guys for late reply. thanks for all you help. i think petrol is the right choice....additionally i also wanted to know that BS - IV will come in effect in 2010...does swift comply to those norms or it is only BS III compliant? Will the it create any issue in 2010 for the swift owners? Thanks in advance.
  14. Which is better car to buy? Swift Petrol OR Diesel? My running is not much on daily basis, maybe 10-15 kms. Only on weekend it will increase due to weekend trips. Kindly suggest.
  15. hey thanks for all your replies. Right now i own Maruti 800 so when i consider swift i think it will be big enough for us who own 800 isnt it ?