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  1. thanks for the opinions, but i have heard that the grip quality of es100 is very bad & the potenza's have some problem. i also wanted to ask that if i want to upgrade my tyre size from 175 to 185 , will there be any problem? guys i really need a tyre with a maximum griping capacity, are the unidirection tyres capable of that?
  2. hey members i own a honda city type 2 vtec! the tyres on my car are in a very bad condition so i took the decision to change them! i like the yokohama s drives very much! but when i went to a dealer he said me that these tyres of size 185/60r14 are not manufactured now! so what do you guys suggest me to buy?????? i want a tyre with a soft compound material ! i like the brand micheline,yokohama, etc. i will also like to know about unidirectional tyres!
  3. yes! the sound from my belt goes after some time! so should i replace it now??????
  4. nano is in a very different segment!!!!!! wagon r seems to be the best buy for your requirement!!!!
  5. honda do charge a lot and it does many tricky things!!!!such as-when the civic was introduced first it's mirrors did not had the parking lights, also it did not had the foglamps!!!!!!! but in the present model they are present!!!!! this case was there in the city zx too!the vtec model first did not had a spoiler but now it has!!!!!!!!!! this is the reason that i will always like to wait for the new realease of honda to get old!! also the rates of honda's servicing is also great so now i dont take my honda city vtec type 2 to the dealer!!!!!!!! honda should change these things or they will one day lose the market!!!!!!
  6. thanks!!!! my queries are answered! will get it repaired soon!
  7. @ sudeep and sparsh-if the owner has already bought his car, the this topic should be closed!
  8. no need to close this topic! i want to disscuss more on it! 1.i think the alto at the rate which is given can be a better buy, as alto at that price will be having a power steering and an ac too! the spark will only have the a/c! 2.also the on road price of spark lxi(the top model) will be at the most 2.70 lakhs and the spark's on road price will be about 3 lakhs!!!! 3.the spark wont have a coloured bumper but on the alto its an option!!!! 4.the milege of alto is more than that of the spark!!!!! 5.yes, i agree that the spark is way better car than the alto, but with that uncoloured bumpers it wont match the look of an alto!!!! so you have to decide!!!!!
  9. thanks for helping out !, by the way my car is honda city vtec type 2!!!!!
  10. but why do the screeching sound comes??????? is my belt about to break??
  11. hey people my car is many a screeching noise !!!! the noise is comming from the engine!!!! my older brother said me that one of the belt known as the fan belt is making the noise, and i will have to replace it!!!! my question to you guys is 1.what job does a fan belt do??????? 2.when and in what situation does it get spoil?????? 3.does it harm the engine?????????
  12. also pimp my ride is a great car modifying program which comes on vh1!!!! have you all seen it?????? but i think that they do unnessary mods to the car also, like putting a lcd screen out of a car!!!!!!!! @topic-bangalore has many race courses but i dont know any in mumbai!
  13. hey guys! my dad owns a honda city vtec type 2! i sometime drive it just for fun in my building compound! once i tried to skid it using the handbrake! what i did was, just pressed the release button and pulled the handbrake! but guess what the car did'nt skid an inch! once i, my dad, mon & sis went somewhere with the car and stopped using the handbrake on a slope!but once again the car started slowly going down! please help me rectify the problem! i once took the car to the garage to repair it but the repairer just did something to the hand brake and the result was that(the play of the handbrake only redused) please help me out guys!
  14. it dosent look that different than the old one! does it?
  15. hey dude dont do the mistake of selling ur alloys! i sold my alloys for just 4k and bought new 1, though im happy with my new chrome alloys ,i then regreted why didnt i chrome plated the old alloys! it will look really good if u do so!