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  1. Hi Anjan, You been a long term user of Activa. What advice would you like to give to a new owner like me for its regular maintenance & upkeep. Any things in particular which I need to take care to keep this machine working fine in pristine condition. Its a lovely machine especially during bumper to bumper traffic. However, following are the few shorthcomigs I have noticed during my last month of association with new Activa Dx; a) I am not happy about my Activa's headlight. Its not confidence aspiring while crusing on unchartered roads at night. During Delhi's winter, it needs lots of kicks to start the engine for the first time during the day. Regards
  2. Hi Dr Nishu, Congrats on booking Activa. You took a right decision by opting for Deluxe version. I too got myself a new Activa Dx in Silver color last Sunday. Regards
  3. Are there any restrictions on reviving an old topic ?
  4. Seems Maruti plans to introduce it as limited edition car here. It would be two door with 1.6 litres engine.
  5. rx2389

    What bike

    Hi Sighiji, I would like to have a bike which is atleast 150cc hence Bajaj XCD does not fit in my requirements. Regards
  6. rx2389

    What bike

    Hi Friends, After been a proud owner of RX100 for over 17 years, I would like to buy myself a new bike now. Following are my requirements; a) It needs to be a commuter bike with atleast 150 CC Easy to maintaing & reliable with good after-sale-service c) It should not be too bulky or tall for my kind of frame (5.5 feet height; 60kgs weight). d) It should be ergonomically good (I have back problem) e) I am okay with fuel economy of as low as 35kmpl. f) My budget it around 80K Would appreciate your valuable inputs. Regards rx2389
  7. Hi Friends, It has been a while when FZ16 was launched. I am sure many of you would have covered lot of distance with it. Could you pls share your ownership experiences so far with your ride. How has been the journey with it so far...good points & not so good points. It would help people like me to make a informed decision about their next purchase. Right now I am in a delimma between Unicorn & FZ16. Though I am yet to take a testride of both. Would appreciate your valuable inputs! Regards
  8. Hi Friends, Is Honds expented to launch any new bike in 150cc + segment ? Cheers
  9. Friends - What could be the tentative date for launch of 150cc bike ? Would this launch replace Unicorn ?
  10. I second that. Hyundai cars have much better build quality than Maruti. Else rattling issue with latter would not have been so common. @prab 1990: Congratulations for booking yourseld a Swift. Pls do keep us posted with your experiences during purchasing & initial ownership with load of pics!. Drive safe.
  11. @ Nikvint - Are you sure that Wagon R shall be replaced by Ritz in next 4-5 months ? Personally I doubt it. I believe Ritz shall be placed in competition with i10 thus it may be priced more than Wagon R.
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    Getz deals

    Sorry, I meant, "Did you compare the feature list between the two models on Hyundai India internet site?"
  13. For a company which couldn't even replace more than 2.5 decades old Maruti 800 and Alto so far, its hard to believe that Wagon R shall be replaced anytime soon.
  14. Yash - You could also consider Hunk & Unicorn
  15. Maruti Splash aka Ritz is similar to Vauxhall Agila. Infact they are also built alongside each other at the Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary, along with other Suzuki models. I saw few Splashes in Europe and liked its look. Though its rear is bit radical. It would be interesting to note how Maruti prices this car. IMHO it should compete with Hyundai i10 and thus be priced accordingly.
  16. Central Market, Lajpat Nagar has large number of car accessories shops which also offer VFM range
  17. Hi anijog, I have a eight year old maruti800 on which I get NCB. I understand that this NCB can be utilised in buying a new car insurance. I plan to buy a new car in another six months. Could u pls let me know what's the process for doing the same ? Cheers